5 Reasons Why Wheeled Bags Are Better Than Backpacks

By Bretton Love

Everyone knows that wheeled bags are better than regular ones.

However, because of their frame and wheels structure, people believe that they are heavier to carry around and should only be used for long trips. But these days are over because with today’s technology many bags have wheels and weigh the same as a regular backpack. Now, you can get a wheeled backpack for your vacations, work trips, or your child’s school. If you’re still not sure whether it’s better or not, here are the top reasons why you should switch to wheeled bags:

1. Less Pressure on Your Back

Those who don’t pack light while traveling might have a back problem from carrying their backpacks. Even if you pack light, carrying a backpack around for a long time can be uncomfortable. If you already have a bad back or you want to avoid back problems in the future, switching to backpacks with wheels is the ideal option for you as you’ll only need to pull it with your arm. There are endless options when it comes to wheeled bags, from school backpacks and lightweight padded laptop bags and other valuable electronics to large ones similar to suitcases. You can choose the one that fits your needs the most.

2. Stand on its Own 

Airport lines can be very long and you might end up standing for hours on end and if you’re carrying a bag on your shoulders, it can be annoying. That’s one of the issues that wheeled bags fix. They’re self-standing, which means that you won’t need to lay them down and risk breaking what’s inside. Also, you will not need to lean them against the wall. Instead, you will leave it right beside you. You can even use it as a seat while waiting.

3. Less Sweat 

If your child walks to school or if you’re walking from the airport to the hotel, your back and shoulders can get really sweaty from a regular backpack and the material used, especially in summer. Avoid all that with a wheeled bag and simply pull it behind you effortlessly.

4. All Shapes and Sizes

Standard backpacks provide you with limited sizes, which could be irritating and you might need to buy more than one. While wheeled bags give you the option to choose from a wider variety of shapes and sizes based on your preferences.

5. Less Hassle

While traveling, we pack a lot of things to ensure that we have everything we might want during the trip, so we end up carrying a lot of bags, purses, and handbags. However, if you have a wheeled backpack, you can hang all the other bags around it and pull it freely.

It doesn’t hurt to have a wheeled backpack, even for unpaved roads, you can simply pick it up and carry it if you want. You’ll have a variety of options along with protecting your back and shoulders. However, before you select a backpack with wheels you should know the dimensions, material, security features, and all its pros and cons in order to ensure that it’s the right fit for you.

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