Yolande’s Yard: Hamilton Heights Green Youth Market

market 5By Yolande Brener

The Brotherhood/Sister Sol opened their second annual farmer’s market on July 2nd. Their opening day got off to a lively start with about 15 customers in the first hour.

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market 1“I’m so excited about this,” said District 7 Council Member, Mark Levine. “The quantity and freshness and quality of the food is as good as what you see in Union Square or any of the most prominent markets in the city. And the young people here are so informed. They know what they’re selling.”

market 3Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer said, “When you have a program that can offer a Youth Market that promotes healthy eating as well as building a healthy environment for our community, than that’s what you call a wonderful combination. It is one of the best programs in the city!”

market 2

Local resident, Alyssa Rodriguez, said, “Everything is always so fresh and easily accessible, that it’s great to just come across the street and enjoy the market without having to go downtown

market 4

Brotherhood/Sister Sol Environmental Coordinator, Nando Rodriguez, said, “When people support the farmer’s market, not only are you helping bring vegetables to the market, you are also giving an opportunity for young people.”

The Brotherhood/Sister Sol Green Youth Market is open every Wednesday throughout the summer at 143rd Street and Amsterdam.

Here is a link for Brotherhood/Sister Sol: http://brotherhood-sistersol.org/

Photo credit: 1) Happy customer. 2) District 7 Council Member Mark Levine fourth on the right. 3) Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer in center. 4) another happy customer. 5) A little rest at the end of the day. Photographs by Raesha Cartagena.

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