Wood Frame Houses On 126th Street In Harlem, NY, 1932 (Photographs)

It looks like an old Harlem Warren-Nash car on the left of the frame poking its nose into the photograph next to two beautiful wood frame houses at 427 West 126th Street in Harlem, New York, in 1932.

A long wooden picket fence in the foreground of the 18th century homes greet the viewer as it stretch from left to right. The building on the right is topped with a chimney dangerously next to a three story apartment building on each side, and as you look between the two buildings you can see more buildings looking towards 127th Street.

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The photograph above is a closer look at a back view of the building one the left with a gate to the fence, and the striped verticle shades covering each of the windows, small dog house and criss-cross fencing on the porch.

Via MCNY and Charles Von Urban.

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