Women Taking Action Series, “LayerUp!” Stop Talking And Pivot To Your Success

Harlem fave MLM Represents has curated an all-star panel of efficacious women who are shaping society’s perception of Black and Brown women’s ability to thrive in entrepreneurial and leadership careers.

Each of the selected speakers successfully works and continues to navigate their way through predominantly white, and/or male decision-making environments. Notwithstanding challenges and setbacks — they continue to “LayerUp” through unforeseen adversity, pivot, and set new standards for excellence, personally and professionally.

As a result of the countless horrific senseless murders of Black Americans such as George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Amhad Aubrey, and too many other souls, they cannot help but note that there is a direct correlation between acts of violence connected to a lack of general population education towards empathy and access.

Unfortunately, this vicious cycle often translates from few to no career opportunities and advancement for Black and Brown young graduates.

The Change Agents and thought leaders that have been selected to participate on my panel:

The concept was and is to get 10,000 HBCU students free access to AW2020 and to then match them all up with industry mentors to help them going forward. They have a lot of great speakers within and beyond the industry who should drive interest . . . Ex: Kevin Hart, Jason Derulo. LL Cool J, Bozoma St. John.

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