Woman Raped In Daylight By Men With Long Rap Sheets In Harlem (Update)

CBS reports that two large men with long criminal records raped a woman on a Harlem street, police said.

As 1010 WINS’ John Montone reported, police say on Friday afternoon, 54-year-old Victor Lopez, 5’9″ 230-lbs, and 35-year-old Angel Feliciano, 5’11”, 280-lbs grabbed a woman who was on the sidewalk dead-drunk, and held her up against a gate.

Lopez raped the woman and Feliciano fondled her, police said.

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Tony who lives near the crime scene wonders why Lopez and Feliciano weren’t already locked up, as they both have extensive rap sheets. He also wants to know why passersby didn’t do anything to help.

“Somebody should have helped that lady, they should throw a rock, throw a bottle, scream, do something,” he said.

Or as his wife suggested, call the cops.

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