Why You Should Contact A Lawyer If Properties Are Included In Your Will

February 1, 2021

As you probably are aware, the will is a document that will ensure that your assets are distributed to those individuals you have picked out. Also, this legal document identifies who will serve as an executor. Meaning,  it manages the process of transferring your property to the beneficiaries. Sadly, a will does not avoid the process of determining whether it is valid and authentic, although, a will can ensure that all your wishes are carried out properly after your passing. The creation of a will is, to say the least important.  

Without it, the California Probate Code will decide on its own who will inherit your assets, which may not be part of your wishes. As an addition, when creating a Will, it is just as important to make sure that proper enforcement and validation are received. For that, hiring a will attorney, especially when the property is involved in your will, should be imperative. If you are not sure why this article might answer your question. 

How Can a Lawyer Assist You?

Will attorney, and hiring him would mean that you will gain access to the lawyer’s experience and knowledge that has been gathered through the years. The attorney will also be able to give you insight in your meeting, on what would be the best way to achieve your goals. Especially if you have family dynamics that are challenging. Also, lawyers have the technical skill which is necessary. 

They are able to ensure the correct documents are all prepared. Meeting with a will attorney is important, to say the least since they will represent a neutral third-party. In case someone challenges the validity of your will, the solicitor will be deposed. The previously well-documented file will assist in ensuring your wants and wishes are protected.

Laws and Regulations

Will, as well as writing it, is surrounded by many laws. These laws are not only huge in most cases but also complicated when it comes to understanding if you are just a common person. And the laws would differ in states. It might not be the same in Arizona or  Massachusetts. For that reason, if you for example are from Arizona, it would be wise to consult any valid estate planning attorney Scottsdale has to offer. The sheer number of properties you can assign to a single person, as well as the number of beneficiaries that can be included are just a few questions that need to be answered. Also, once the process of writing a will is completed, you would need and make sure it is valid. The attorney can assist you to confirm that the manner in which the will is written, as well as its content, go alongside legal requirements. 

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Unexpected Events

Circumstances change as life happens. No matter if you are getting married, having a divorce, or expecting a child, those situations are an excellent time to update your will. It is recommended that you take a quick look at your will occasionally so you could avoid unintentionally creating issues for your heirs after your death. 

A will attorney will help you to make sure that all the right clauses are used for your unique situation.

Any Plan Can Go Wrong

Before you start writing your will, you have probably set assumptions in your mind already regarding the distribution of your property. This plan however can go wrong. Hopefully, this will not be the case but you might outlive the heir to whom you transferred your estate or outlive your executor who was supposed to execute the will in the first place. 

In case that your asset no longer exists for some reason, when your will is executed, what then? Well, the list of these misfortune events can be endless. For that reason, the attorney would be useful to have.

Can You Make a Will On Your Own?

There are many DIY tools for writing a will available online. Although they might be customized, the majority of these templates are basic and might not quite fit your situation. Also, there is a chance you will suffer from the use of “non-specific language”

Meaning if you are not familiar with the appropriate knowledge on writing a will, the words you use can be vague. As a result, it is possible to misrepresent the words used. The experience of the lawyer, as well as the knowledge, will surely help you to write a will that is understandable by the applicable parties.

Even if you can write your own will, the chance of making many errors is almost inevitable. This certainly will not be your goal especially since such a valuable commodity like property is involved. 

The risk of error will keep growing in case that your financial situation is complex. For that reason, it would be best to consider the guidance of a professional individual that will help you with the smooth execution of your will.

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