Why Yellow Diamond Jewelry Is Popular

September 4, 2021

Fancy yellow diamonds, why do you need to buy yellow diamond jewelry.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! Nowadays, the question is how big is the diamond? Or more plainly, what kind of diamond is it?

The increasing demand for rare diamonds makes each diamond not just rare, but unique. The yellow diamond is certainly a diamond that’s worth buying.

Yellow diamond jewelry

Yellow diamonds

OK, let’s talk diamonds. Yellow diamonds to be exact.

Where do yellow diamonds come from? They come from all over the world. However, intense yellow diamonds are mostly found in South Africa. The first diamond ever discovered in South Africa just so happened to be a yellow diamond!

Yellow diamonds are some of the rarest diamonds in the world. Because of that, they have increasingly become popular. These diamonds are so unique in their composition that out of every 10,000 carats mined, only 1 is a yellow diamond.

They get their vibrant yellow color from a small part of nitrogen that absorbs blue light, making the stone a yellow shade. This yellow shade can range from bright yellow to a brownish yellow, sometimes with a brown or green hue.

Canary Vs Yellow Diamonds

Due to their vibrant color, pure yellow diamonds are often called canary yellow diamonds, after the sunny songbird. But, not all yellow diamonds are canary diamonds. The name, Canary Diamond or Canary Yellow Diamond refers to pure yellow diamonds with an intense shade without secondary colors. It’s all in the grading. The light, or faint yellow diamonds can’t be classified as canary diamonds. This confuses a lot of people.

Another name for these yellow stones is Zimmi. This name comes from a particular type of yellow gemstone that originated from the Zimmi diamond mine in Sierra Leone. The Zimmi diamonds have an intense yellow color, often in combination with orange, which results in a deep, vivid yellow color.

Ordinary “colorless” diamonds that have a yellowish hue are generally valued lower quality. However, once the color reaches a level where yellow is the dominant color, the value of the diamond begins to rise, and it is then marketed as a ‘Fancy Colored Diamond’.

Yellow diamond earrings

Why all the love?

Yellow diamonds are the most popular of all the fancy colored diamonds. It is probably one of the most magnificent diamonds. There are a few simple reasons why.

For most people, the color yellow signifies happiness, sunshine and hope. As a result, most people searching for rare stones associate yellow diamonds with happiness.

Yellow diamonds are so popular because they are some of the most wallet-friendly rare diamonds on the market. Light or faint yellow diamonds are fairly common and therefore are generally cheaper than colorless diamonds.

A 0.30 carat, fancy yellow pear-shaped diamond, SI1 Clarity, will cost approximately $1000, which, for a diamond, is a decent price.  A 1-carat ‘colorless’ diamond on the other hand will cost $4,500 – $6,000. You can see why the yellow diamond is beloved.

  Yellow diamond ring

Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings?

Due to their growing popularity, more and more brides are opting for the yellow diamond engagement rings rather than the classic diamond ring.

Yellow diamonds are an excellent choice for engagement rings. The look is quirky and cute, but still classic and overall, just fun.

You can’t go wrong with this diamond, whether it’s set in yellow, white, rose gold, or platinum. Yellow diamonds are stunning! And, a yellow gold band especially complements the stone’s warm, golden hue beautifully.

Yellow diamonds, like all fancy and white conflict-free stones, are symbolic of commitment and love. With that being said, a yellow diamond engagement ring is an iconic way to start your ‘bright’ future as a happily married couple.

Christie’s’s, 20th Century Fox

Celebrities and Yellow diamond Jewelry

It’s only fitting that we add some of the more notable figures that have invested in yellow diamonds in the recent years.

Victoria Beckham, a connoisseur of precious stones, was spotted with a square-cut yellow diamond on a platinum pave band.

More notably, Hillary Clinton wore a yellow diamond ring to her husband’s inaugurations, first when he was elected governor of Arkansas, and then as  President of  the United States. The diamond is known as the Kahn Canary.

The incredible 24-carat yellow diamond, famously known as the Moon of Baroda, was worn by Marilyn Monroe at the Hollywood premier of the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. The diamond belonged to the royal dynasty Gaekwad Maharajas and Empress Maria Theresa of Austria and was reportedly cursed; It was believed to have been the source of Monroe’s misfortune.

Nevertheless, that won’t be the case for you.

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