Why Makeup Is Not Important When Posting Pictures On Instagram

May 5, 2020

By Bretton Love

The makeup that you wear serves the purpose of enhancing your look or making you look like someone different.

Percentages of women who wear makeup are averaging over 75, and these numbers are in every part of the world.

Wearing makeup to enhance your features can increase your Instagram followers, but it is not necessary.

There are other ways to take your photographs to another level.

Are you ready to find out how?

Clean The Camera Lens

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No matter the amount of makeup a person uses, if the camera lens is dirty, the picture will not be perfect.

If you are using your phone, it will inform you when the lenses need cleaning, but only if it’s filthy.

Professional cameras or lenses that you can add to your phone will not offer a warning about dirty camera lenses, so you should take the time to clean them before each use. There are microfiber cleansing cloths that will make the lenses streak-free.

Use Natural Light

Perfect lighting is one of the most important steps when taking an accurate picture.

Natural light comes directly from the sun and the effect it gives changes with the weather, the time of day, and the direction the camera is pointing.

Photographs not taken outside means you are using natural light when even when in a structure.

Makeup is not needed once the camera is pointing the right way to capture only natural beauty.

Apply Filters To Pics

Did you know Instagram users who apply a filter to their picture have of 21 percent chance of getting more views, and a 45 percent chance of receiving a comment?

Now is you can be a member of the crowd, and it’s not at the expense of your skin.

With filters, you can remove blemishes from the skin, control the amount of light, and make colors in the photo become vibrant.

However, you do not want to use the wrong filter that makes the photo look overprocessed, which can lead to the loss of definition.

Vibrant Colors Plus Contrast

Do you want to add makeup to your skin because the photo looks dull or because you do not have the proper lighting?

You do not need filters for this, and you don’t have to apply pounds of makeup. All cameras have a tab that allows the user to increase or decrease their amount of light.

For brighter and crispier photos, one must increase contrast and rightness by a small fraction.

Redirect The Focus

Having others engaged in the photos is the goal, but your face does not have to be the center of attention to achieve it.

Adding text, emojis, or wearing crazy sun shades are all ways to keep people engaged, but not allowing their focus to be directly on you.

You can direct users to only look at what you want them to see. It is common to see photographs as backgrounds for inspirational quotes, and this allows the person posting to say what they want without being the main focus.

Wearing crazy shades will leave viewers wondering where you got them from rather than what is she hiding behind them, and the comments and followers you will receive will be surreal.

Keep viewers focused on you, but also give them a little taste of distraction.

Add More People In Photos

More people equals more fun, more interaction, and less of you.

Narcissists are people who in love with everything about themselves. They apply makeup and use filters when posting on Instagram, and the photos that they post are all about them.

Not being a narcissist is an advantage when wanting to grow followers on Instagram because it allows you to invite friends and people you do not know into your photo.

These people will get an equal amount of attention as the person posting because other people who do not follow the account may know the person. They will have something to say, and it will not be about your face.

Apps For Blemishes

If blemishes are your worry, the domination of this fear is going to come to an end.

In the Google store and Apple app store, you will find tons of ways to enhance your photos and remove what is less appealing.

Blurring blemishes is one of the best-kept secrets of Instagram users. They are wearing no makeup, not adding any distraction, and they are making viewers focusing only on them, and what they provide in their post.

The apps are easy to download, and several come at no price to you.

No Makeup, No Worries

Makeup is not necessary for you to have on for you to show off your natural beauty.

There are currently more than fifteen and a half million posts on Instagram that connect natural beauty to their hashtagging.

No filters are applied to their photos, only natural lighting, and angling of the camera to bring out there best features.

Now that you know how to create makeup-free photos on this social media platform, you can start posting them right away.

Don’t be scared; show off your natural beauty.

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