Why Do Students Prefer To Learn At Home?

May 14, 2021

When it comes to learning, the internet has played a huge role in transforming students’ lives and offering them the opportunities they could not have imagined possible in their wildest of dreams.

It is disappointing that people still have their apprehensions about ditching the old and traditional educational platforms when there is so much to gain from the 5-inch universities in our hands. Here are a few benefits that have made online education such a riot among students today.

  • The comfort of learning: When you are in an environment that you are the most relaxed in, you can free your mind of distractions and focus deeply on whatever you are doing. That is why students prefer online courses that they can access from the comfort of their living room. Without any disturbance, worries or shyness, they can not just record the lectures but also rewind a concept, replay an example however many times they want. It’s a privilege to be able to pause a lecture at any time to take notes or a quick restroom break without having to worry about missing on an important topic.
  • Recognized certifications: Gone are the days when the value of an online certification course was doubted. Today, top companies like Google are encouraging online learning among students by recognizing online certifications officially and offering such students attractive job opportunities. It is no longer a brick-and-mortar world, so why should education remain behind? Even prestigious certifications like the CEH certification (Certified Ethical Hacker certification by EC-Council) can be earned online by completing an online course and attempting the online exam.
  • Self-paced learning: When you are learning something online, you are no longer bound to the timings and schedule set by the teacher to accommodate the entire class. Say, you are applying for ethical hacking training but you cannot afford the weekend batch or the Tuesday and Friday batch, or let’s say you have an emergency to attend to and cannot attend any class for an entire month. If you were learning online, then you could adjust your training duration and learning calendar however you wish. You could either complete your training in a week, if you like binge-learning, or you could complete your training in a month if you are a deep and slow learner.
  • Lighter on the pocket: Not having to worry about the travel costs is one thing, but not having to pay the full price or the inbuilt price of the infrastructure of the training institute is a delight in itself. Most of the online platforms today offer discounted prices during festive seasons and on special occasions. Even if there were no discounts, the price for an online course is quite affordable as compared to the offline courses.
  • Accessibility to world-class education: One of the most breakthrough advantages of online learning is that you are no longer limited to your own locality and its quality of education. With the Internet, the whole world is at your disposal and you can learn from the best coaches in the world without having to relocate for studies. The world has become a smaller place due to the internet, and with online learning platforms, students can truly explore the horizons from their homes. The best mentors of the world, the top-class learning material, and the best student forums are just a click away.

In the end, let us just conclude by saying that if the internet has done us a favor that has no drawbacks, it is this. So, go on and use your computer and mobile to learn something today!

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