Where To Park In NYC And Win The Game!

January 27, 2023

Trying to find NYC parking can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack!

With over 8 million residents all looking for a safe place to park, the neverending game of trying to get to that elusive parking space first can be exhausting! Despite all of this, there are some things you can do to find parking spaces and take the stress out of new york city parking. So let’s take a look at some of the best places to park in NYC.


The Best NYC parking

If I am being really honest, the best place to park is out of Manhattan itself. But if you have to park there, then one of the most affordable options I have found is Spacer; they offer monthly parking in NYC, saving you around 75% compared to on-street parking at meters. In addition, you get the convenience of the same parking spot each day, and you can hand-pick your location based on how far you want to walk. Again, monthly parking is one of the most affordable parking options I have found in NYC.

Parking outside the city

If you don’t mind catching a ferry or the subway, some of the best parking is in New Jersey. This allows you to park overnight and is far cheaper than New York City parking rates.

You can also find cheap parking or even free parking outside the city at Park & Rides. There are dozens of locations using the bus and rail services to get you into New York City.

New Jersey Parking

It takes 10 minutes to commute by Subway into NYC from New Jersey. It only costs $2.75, and there are plenty of parking lots near the PATH stations. You can find a number of parking garages and lots in cities like Hoboken, Jersey City, Newark, and Elizabeth. These locations offer easy access to public transportation, so you can quickly get into Manhattan or another part of the city.

Park & Ride

These parking spots are a good option if you want to keep costs down; some offer free parking. However, they fill up fast, so if you’re going to secure a parking spot, you must arrive early. Popular Park & Ride options include Hackensack, NJ and Orangeburg, NY. The downside of this approach is that you won’t have your car with you while you’re in The Big Apple, so make sure to plan ahead if you need your vehicle during your trip.

Is there free parking in NYC?

If you are wondering if free parking exists in New York, then let me tell you, it can be challenging to find it! Most areas have metered parking or are restricted to permit holders.

Like most cities, major holidays, like Christmas and New Year’s Day, will lift parking restrictions allowing you to park for free on the streets.

You can also park in metered spots on Sundays without paying, and some hotels may offer their guests free parking.

Where is the cheapest parking in NYC?

  • Staten Island – Of the five boroughs, Staten Island, is the place to be for parking garages and lots. Staten Island has some of the lowest rates in the city, with some garages charging $2.50 per hour or $14 per day.
  • Brooklyn – Has plenty of affordable parking options, with prices ranging from $8 to $20 per day. A few locations charge even lower rates, such as the Brooklyn Bridge Parking Garage, which charges just $7.50 per day.
  • The Bronx – Offers some great parking, with several garages charging only $8 to $10 daily. The Oxford Parking Garage and Liberty Parking Garage are two great options if you’re looking for cheap parking in The Bronx.
  • Queens – This is another excellent option, with many garages charging only $7 to $10 daily. You can find some of the cheapest parking in Queens at the Jackson Heights Garage and 56th Street Parking Garage.
  • Manhattan – One of the most expensive places to park in NYC, with most garages charging at least $25 per day. However, there are a few exceptions, such as the iPark location at 55 West 45th Street and the Icon Parking location at 17 Battery Place. These garages charge around $20 daily.

So if you want to find where to park in New York City, check out these boroughs for some of the most affordable options. And remember, you can always look for cheaper parking outside of NYC if you’re willing to make the drive.

Places Without Parking in New York City

Some popular areas without parking include Times Square, Central Park, the Financial District, Greenwich Village, and the Upper East Side. Unfortunately, if you plan to visit one of these places, you may have to resort to public transportation or look for parking outside the city.

Other places without parking in NYC include Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Coney Island Boardwalk, and the Lincoln Center. These places are all major attractions in New York City but don’t have any designated parking spots. Additionally, many residential areas like the Lower East Side and Chinatown also lack any available parking.

Paying Just to Drive into Manhattan

Before you even find a parking spot, you are charged to drive into Manhattan. Currently, there is a $14 toll if you enter using a bridge or tunnel; that price may go up soon due to the implementation of congestion charging. In addition, a proposed $23 daily rate for people using vehicles in the Manhattan Central Business District could make parking near these areas even more expensive.

NYC Parking FAQs

How much does it cost to park in New York City?

Costs for parking will vary depending on where you plan to park. No matter your choice, you will likely spend money on parking in New York City. However, if you plan ahead, look for discounts and special offers, and find the best place to park for your needs, you may be able to save some money.

Meter parking – Hourly rates range from $1.25 all the way up to $7.50. You can usually park between 15 minutes and an hour, depending on the location of the meter.

Parking garages and lots – You will typically be charged anywhere from $25 – $50 a day, depending on where the parking lot is located.

Monthly Parking – Monthly parking deals are available from $240, but on average, you should expect to pay around $400 per month.

Is there overnight parking in NYC?

On-street parking is prohibited from 1 am to 7 am every day, meaning if you plan on parking overnight on a city street, you must do so before 1 am and be aware of any alternate side parking restrictions.

There are other options if you don’t want to park on the street overnight. Commercial parking lots, garages, and lots often have 24/7 parking services and may be a better choice. Several residential parking lots and garages also offer overnight parking.

You can park your car at nearby lots and take public transportation into Manhattan if you plan to park outside the city; one of the best overnight parking options is near the NY waterway ferry at Port Imperial. They offer 24-hour parking for only $16 a day.

Street Sweeping Rules aka Alternate Side Parking

Street Sweeping is a common way of keeping streets and sidewalks clean. Street sweeping requires cars to move from one side of the street to another on designated days and times so that street sweepers can access the roads. This is referred to as Alternate Side Parking (ASP).

In New York City, ASP regulations are posted on each block and change often. Therefore, checking the ASP signs before you park is essential to ensure you don’t get a ticket or get towed. Additionally, when parking in NYC, it’s important to remember that you cannot park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant or 4 feet of a crosswalk.

Where to Park for the day in NYC?

To avoid the $14 tolls just to drive your vehicle into Manhattan, I recommend parking in New Jersey and catching the ferry or the PATH subway to NYC. You will save money and save the stress and hassle of trying to find a parking spot.


Finding the best parking place in New York City can be challenging; on average, New Yorkers spend 107 hours a year circling the block looking for parking places. However, with some research and planning, you can find affordable and convenient parking options tailored to your needs. There are on-street parking spots, commercial parking garages, residential parking, and parking apps available throughout the city. Park & Ride locations and parking outside the city are additional options. You should also familiarize yourself with street sweeping rules and know how much it typically costs to park in New York City. Lastly, be aware of places without parking in New York City and be prepared to pay to drive into Manhattan. With the proper planning and strategy, you’ll be able to find the perfect spot to park in NYC.

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