What’s The Cheapest Way To Move Long Distance?

July 19, 2019

In everyone’s life there comes one point of time, when he/ she needs to move from one place of residence to a new one. What if the company you have joined recently has placed you in a place far away from your home and it’s not possible for you to travel daily, or the new college you took admission into lies in some other state than your hometown?

Are you planning on using a moving company? In such cases, you may feel the need to relocate your house.

However, whatever the reason may be, moving long-distance is hectic as well as expensive. So, before you move, you must look for the most possible ways to make your move budget-friendly.

Here, few tips are given which describes the cheapest ways to move long distance:

1. Make an advance booking of your long-distance move:

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Last-minute bookings of long-distance movers are pretty expensive. So, try to confirm your booking at least 6 months before you move to make the maximum savings.

This will not only cut down your budget but also provide you with enough time to organize your pieces of stuff before you move.

2. Take portable moving containers on rent:

Portable moving containers are large boxes in which you can store all your belongings and prized possessions. These boxes can be rented and you can ship them to your new place of residence.

The cost of renting these portable moving containers depends on their sizes and the duration of time for which you are taking the rent. Hence, compared to hiring professional full-service movers, this method is more cost-effective.

3. Rent a moving truck:

In case you do not have your own car, rent for a moving van or truck and drive across the country with your belongings.

This DIY move is more cost-effective than hiring a renowned moving company to do the task. However, it is to be noted that rent the moving truck only from the reputed truck rental companies.

4. You can take the help of freight trailers:

Utilizing a freight trailer while moving long-distance is one of the best options to sustain an affordable moving budget. There a various freight moving trailer companies that provide large trailer (approximately 28 ft.) to load all your belongings into it.

They give three days to load and store your possessions into the trailer. Thereafter, the company picks up the trailer and drives it to your moving destination.

The approximate cost of renting freight trailers are lesser compared to the hiring of full-service movers.

5. Gather free moving boxes and supplies:

Packing boxes and supplies are one of the necessities for moving long distance. So, instead of buying costly packing materials and supplies, collect as many free moving boxes and supplies as you can.

You can get a hold of many free boxes and cartons from grocery stores, bookstores, liquor shops, warehouses, etc.

You can also borrow packing supplies from your family, friends, or neighbors who have recently moved.

6. If possible, choose to move at off-peak seasons:

If your circumstances do not demand immediate moving, then choose a suitable moving date. Try to avoid peak moving times such as the summer season, weekends, national holidays, months between Memorial Day and Labor Day, etc.

During the peak season, moving companies, truck rental companies elevates their charges, hence moving at such time would cost you a lot of money. The most inexpensive time to move is in the mid-day in the months of October to December.


The above-mentioned tips are some of the cheapest ways to move long distances.

So, the next time you prepare for a long move, do keep these suggestions in mind to afford a budget-friendly move.

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