What You Should Know About The Legal Termination Of A Marriage

January 25, 2021

When you decide to terminate a marriage, both spouses and children often experience stressful events. 

Issues like child custody, new living arrangements, and division of property and money make the process complicated. The emotions associated with divorce can make it difficult for the parties involved to make sound decisions. Read on to learn what you should know about the legal termination of a registered partnership. 

Make an Informed Decision

Termination of a marriage comes with various consequences that you should know. For instance, the children will be the most affected and the involved parties may never have stable lives again after a divorce. When you decide that you officially want to terminate your relationship, you should not make this decision when you are in an overly emotional state since it may be difficult to reverse the situation once you process the divorce papers. If possible, try all avenues to reconcile with your partner before you file your case. 

The other thing that you should know is that the court can grant a divorce where one spouse wants to terminate the marriage.  A bad divorce can completely change your lifestyle and even lose track of your finances. You will most likely be overwhelmed by the experience that you have to go through, which can make you lose focus on other important things. In some cases, you may never recover after going through a messy divorce. 

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Don’t Be Overconfident

When you file a divorce, you should not expect that you will win everything from the proceedings. Divorce involves many things like child custody and division of property. There is no true winner where one spouse ends up with everything. You need to consider all the consequences and possible outcomes of the divorce case before it proceeds to court.  Usually, an independent judge presides over the case and makes a final decision. 

Seek Legal Advice

Before you decide to terminate your marriage, you need to consider different options to officially end the relationship. You should decide between annulment vs divorce, and before you do that, you should know the difference between the two. A divorce separates two people who are legally married while an annulment voids the whole existence of marriage as if it never happened. From there, you need to choose the best method that suits your situation. 

It is also critical to enlist the services of a divorce lawyer when you decide to end your marriage. You must provide your attorney with all the key facts so that they can properly analyze your case to provide appropriate advice. You should not hide other details like finances since the partner can discover it and consequently compromise your case. Also, hiding financial information can result in penalties.  

Determine the Custody of Your Children

When you intend to end your marriage, you must consider the custody of the children and their welfare. You need to understand that you and your spouse can end up sharing the custody of the kids if the court decides otherwise. Therefore, it is crucial to know if you have the time and capability to provide for the needs of your children before you decide to terminate your marriage.

Consider Alternatives to Court

Not all divorce cases end in court since there are other alternative ways to resolve them. Mediation is one viable option, where a neutral third party facilitates the negotiations between the divorcing couples. A negotiator helps the parties to reach mutual agreements where no one will feel cheated.

Each spouse can hire a lawyer where they agree to solve their case without going to the court of law. Apart from lawyers, they can also create a team that includes divorce coaches, financial consultants, and mental health professionals. The main advantage of choosing mediation is that it allows the divorcing spouses to make decisions unlike in the court, where the judge’s decision is final. Also, both parties can decide on a parenting schedule that fits the needs of the children in a more flexible way.  

Don’t Believe Everything

Many people will tell you several stories about their experiences. Unfortunately, some of the advice you get from different people can be misleading and if you are not careful, this can affect your case. Remember that each divorce case is unique, and the measures applied in a particular case may not be suitable to all situations. It is always better to rely on the advice that you get from your financial consultants, lawyers, and mental health professionals.

When your marriage hits the rock bottom and is beyond reconciliation, the best option to take is to terminate it. You can do this by filing for a divorce or an annulment that voids the partnership as if it never existed. It is also essential to seek legal advice from a professional divorce attorney to ensure equitable distribution of shared wealth. And finally, always make an informed decision before you consider terminating your union.  

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