What You Should Know About Bangers

With cannabis getting legalized more and more frequently nowadays, it is time to think of new items to add to your inventory. One of those items are bangers, which are “dishes” used with bongs or dab rigs (also known as oil rigs), that help vaporize concentrated cannabis. Bangers are also known as “nails”, and they either come with a male or a female joint and can come in different sizes and thickness.

Below you will find more information on bangers that you may need to know.

They Come in Different Materials

First, you should know that bangers come in different materials. They can be made out of ceramic, titanium, or quartz. The most common material though, as well as the most preferred, is quartz. It has been said by several people that quartz makes the concentrate taste better and more fresh, it also heats up three times as fast, and isn’t as harmful as the ceramic and titanium are as it does not radiate unsafe gasses as they do. Given that the function of bangers is to be heated up, they must be able to withstand the heat which quartz bangers do.

They Need to Be Cleaned

Secondly, like most tools, these too need to be cleaned. Putting cannabis in them and constantly heating and reheating will leave a residue that will stay when you want to use it next, which will make it more difficult to enjoy the smoke with the essence of the old cannabis. There are several steps you need to take when cleaning a quartz banger if you choose to go with that material. The first step is to know that distilled water or 99% ISO alcohol is enough to clean it – acid and bleach will be too much and may cause harm to you. Then you need to soak it, rinse, and scrape any residue with a dabber. Heat it up, wipe it, and repeat if necessary. It is essential that you be gentle when cleaning it – it may be sturdy, but it is still glass and has the capacity to break.

They Preserve Heat and Come with Carb Caps

Thirdly, if you choose to go with quartz nails, you will find that they tend to preserve and retain heat more than the others. Some of them have a thicker bottom layer of quartz so that the heat is retained at higher levels and can handle more oil. There is a piece of glass called a carb cap, that comes with the banger that covers it so that it vaporizes easily and remains in “perfect condition”. Since quartz bangers can come in different sizes, make sure that the cap you purchase is suitable for the nail.

Of course, the necessary step to take before purchasing anything is to do your research. Check the different materials and know their pros and cons, know how each one will work, and also see if you will need to purchase anything else along with the banger (like specific cleaning tools). With cannabis getting legalized, it is more acceptable to ask around and check with those who have used different types of bangers in the past.

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