What To Keep In Mind About How Drug Tests Work

December 25, 2020

Drug testing is now paramount in every field due to the rising rate of drug abuse. Whether you are seeking employment, participating in sports, driving on public roads, and other public functions, you will get subjected to a drug test. Drug tests are meant to determine the quantity of certain drugs and other chemicals in your body, and it’s done to ensure you are fit for a certain function. There are several drug tests done by employers and other authorized people you must know of and always keep in mind to avoid getting into the wrong side. Here are some ways in which these tests work.

1. Pre-Employment Alcohol and Drug screening

Most employers won’t hire you if you are a drug addict. If you live in some states around the United States, you might be subjected to drug tests before getting hired or starting any job. Most of these workplaces include government institutions, health, food and beverage, and companies that directly deal with clients. They do so to avoid errors and also to safeguard their image. According to these drug tests at DrugTestCity.com, you can conduct self-testing before getting subjected to these institutional tests to preserve your image and avoid other disciplinary actions. These tests will give you 100% satisfaction and are cheaper if you buy in bulk for long term use. If you are a workplace manager, you can purchase the same for your workers to avoid drug-related accidents at workplaces.

2. Workplace Substance Regulations

Just as stated above, some states provide rules and regulations on employers regarding substance abuse to their employees at workplaces. This means you might get subjected to drug tests before getting hired or participating in any job. Employers are expected to give warnings on drug use, always test their employees, and fire those who consume illegal drugs during working hours. Some laws protect the employees from harassment, discrimination, and disabilities that result from drug abuse. With this, you have to know your drug use level by having testing kits at home. It is also important to know the rules and regulations governing drug use to avoid becoming a victim.

3. Passing a Drug test

You are supposed to pass a drug test before getting hired in a workplace or getting a permit to participate in certain sports and activities. Sportspeople, employees, and drivers might get tested for drug abuse at any time, anywhere without notice of the same. What if you aren’t sure of your drug levels? It is important to stop taking certain drugs some months or days before the testing period, depending on the drug. Some drugs stay in the body for some months and are detectable even if you stopped using them a long time ago. The best way to ensure you don’t have any drug content is by self-testing yourself at home before the actual test. There are several kits you can purchase and do the testing, depending on the drug.

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4. Blood Drug and Alcohol tests

Blood drug and alcohol tests are done when companies and governments check for any illegal drug use in your blood. Such tests tend to measure the drug content or traces of it at the test time – where the blood is drawn for testing. Most drugs tested using this system include alcohol, amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, opiates, nicotine, and methamphetamines. What if the content is found on my blood sample? In most cases, you don’t get jailed or get fines for the same, but you might not get the chance of the job or position you had applied for, including sportsmanship. If you are a driver and caused the accident under these drugs’ influence, you might get charges for the same. 

5. Breath Alcohol tests

These tests are mostly done by traffic officers or companies whose staffs operate automobiles and heavy machinery. It is done through a breathalyzer, and it’s meant to nab the culprits taken many for the road. The breathalyzers don’t show how much you took last night but show the amount of alcohol content in your blood system in real-time. It helps show the level of impairment or intoxication and if you are at the acceptable levels. According to studies, an ounce of alcohol can stay in one’s body for an hour, meaning it takes content taken some minutes before the test.

Other tests that are done include mouth swabs for drug and alcohol, hair drug tests, urine for drug and alcohol, and much more. It is critical to avoid some drugs when attending an important function such as a job interview or handling a vehicle or a factory machine. Such will help in having negative tests on these drugs to avoid losing your chances. You will not want to lose a lifetime chance due to alcohol and other drugs. Always have some testing kits at home to help you with this.

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