What To Do If You Have Mice In Your Home

June 24, 2020

Mice are notorious for their destructive capabilities. They can contaminate food and water supplies.

They will chew through walls, gnaw on wires, and several other objects just to keep the growth of their incisors in check. These acts reduce the structural integrity of a building and may result in electrical fire incidents. Even worse is their high fecundity. Within three months, a female mouse can give birth to about 20 mouse pups. What started as a single mouse infestation can become blown-out domination of mice. You hear squeaks from the walls, attic, and crawl spaces. They launch a full-scale attack on your food supply. How should you deal with such a dire situation?

Eliminate Entry Holes

If a hole is as wide as a pen, an adolescent mouse can fit through. If it’s as wide as a dime, an adult mouse can fit through. Their ability to fit through inconceivable holes makes it even more difficult to locate these entry spots. However, you have to put on your detective hat and try to locate such holes. Seal up cracks in walls, utility pipes, vents, attics, and even the foundation. Use steel wool or caulking because a mouse will have no problem chewing through a plastic, rubber, or wood sealant. Or, metal mesh screens are also an effective barrier to prevent entry holes for the rodents.

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Strategically Place Mouse Traps

If you see a mouse, you likely have more than one mouse in your house and you need to get rid of them. A good place to start is to find out where they’re hiding. Check your attic for signs or urine stains, droppings, chewed items, and nests made of shredded paper or other fibrous material. Do you constantly hear squeaks from your wall? Also, what food source do they target? Mice do not explore more than 20 feet from their nesting and feeding locations. Once you’ve identified where they’re concentrated, you’ll be able to go about what to do if you have mice in the attic, crawlspace, or walls. You’ll want to strategically set a couple dozen traps to increase your chances of killing them.

For bait, avoid cheese as it goes sour too quickly. Instead, use bacon or peanut butter or chocolate as bait. Always check the traps, at least once a day so you know when a mouse has been caught. This way, you can avoid the putrid smell of a decaying mouse. When disposing of the body, ensure that you wear gloves to avoid the transfer of diseases. Thereafter, clear all their dropping and decontaminate the infected space.

As a note of caution, stay clear from mouse poison. Most products claim that the poison will make the mouse dehydrated and force it to leave your house in search of water. This is a blatant lie! Instead, the mouse will retreat to a secluded or hidden place to die a slow and painful death. Aside from being inhumane, you might have a hard time locating where the dead mouse is.

Eliminate Attractants

Mice have learned to associate humans with cozy shelter and an abundance of food. While good sanitation may not keep them away, an untidy environment is surely an invitation. Avoid leaving your pet food outside. Ensure that your garbage cans are securely locked.

Apply Repellents

You can soak cotton balls in peppermint oil, pepper, cloves, or cayenne pepper and place them close to a food source. Mice hate the smell of these ingredients. Also, cats love hunting mice. You can get a cat to help deter those pesky rodents.


Even if you’re having a hard time getting rid of mice from your attic, walls, or crawl spaces, do not be dismayed. At this point, it’s best to bring in a rodent control professional. These professionals can offer a lot more information on how to deal with mice, in addition to their suggested tips online. They have an adept understanding of mouse behavior and can help implement an effective plan to get rid of them.

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