What To Do After A Lyft Accident

July 31, 2020

As the presence of ridesharing services like Lyft continues to grow in Houston, TX, the likelihood of car accidents involving Lyft drivers also increases.

You could be injured as a passenger in a Lyft vehicle, or a Lyft driver could hit and injure you. Such accidents happen every day across the state.

As you may expect, dealing with a large corporation like Lyft after a car accident can be frustrating and complicated. Knowing what to do after being involved in a Lyft accident in Houston, can drastically change the outcome of your personal injury claim.

Stay Put and Call 911

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The first thing to do after being involved in a Lyft accident is to make sure everyone involved remains at the scene. It’s likely the Lyft driver will be shaken or frightened after the accident, even when they’re not at fault. In some cases, the driver may not want the service provider to know about the accident. If the driver wants to leave the scene, ask them to stay put until the police arrive. Remaining at the scene will ensure that you don’t jeopardize your chances of building a successful personal injury case.

If you are someone else is injured, be sure to call 911 to receive medical attention. This is also important as the medical report will play a crucial role in helping you get the results you deserve with the help of a personal injury lawyer. You deserve fair compensation if you’ve been injured in a Houston Lyft accident, but you must stay at the scene and get a medical report if you are hurt.

Call the Police

It’s vital to have a written record of the Lyft car accident if you will be filing a personal injury claim. Call the police to file a detailed report of exactly what happened.

A police report includes statements from both parties, witnesses, and a detailed assessment of the car accident scene. The report plays a key role in supporting a personal injury claim where injuries are sustained, and you want to pursue fair compensation from Lyft or other involved parties. If the driver does not want to stay until the police arrive, remind them that it is your right to file a personal injury claim if you’ve been injured because of their negligence or someone else’s.

Collect Vital Information

Document every aspect of the accident by taking photos of all the cars involved in the accident, signage, number plates, and the surrounding intersection or road. This information is vital in demonstrating the severity of the accident and gives a clear picture of the accident scene, which may provide proof of negligence.

You should also get the names and contacts of all involved parties, including the Lyft driver, the other driver involved, other passengers, and witnesses. Witnesses can play a vital role in providing a non-biased record of what they saw before, during, and after a Lyft accident. Also, get the Lyft driver’s insurance policy information and their personal insurance details for record.

Get a Personal Injury Attorney

If you’ve sustained injuries in a Lyft accident, you must get an attorney experienced in Lyft accidents. You must also report the Lyft accident to Lyft to secure legal representation right away. Lyft accident cases can be complicated without the help of a personal injury lawyer. An expert in ridesharing insurance will help you prove liability and get fair compensation.

While Lyft provides adequate insurance to cover claims, the coverage that is applied can vary. Any claim that involves a Lyft ridesharing driver will need to determine what the driver’s role was in the accident, and whether he or she was using the Lyft ridesharing app at the time of the accident. A lawyer will help you navigate the legal process.


Knowing what steps to take after being involved in a Lyft car accident in Houston, TX, is critical when it comes to laying a firm foundation for your personal injury case. Working with an experienced lawyer will help you prove fault, determine the extent of your injuries, and help you get the compensation you deserve.

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