What It Takes To Become An Online Writer

January 19, 2021

Reading is a part of our everyday lives. We do it for school or college, or when learning at work. Some people devour murder-mystery books or cooking guides. In fact, the ability to read opens up the doors to a host of new learning experiences.

Some people seek to take things up a level by becoming a writer. They may have a specialist subject they are knowledgeable in or have the desire to write a book. Alternatively, they may simply wish to blog about their everyday lives. This article has been designed to help people who desire to write online. 

You Need Practical Tools 

To succeed, people will benefit if they acquire an armory of resources to draw upon. Writers appreciate great gifts, which might include a subscription to a host of e-books through Kindle Unlimited subscription. They may benefit from the purchase of Publisher Rocket software to help them advertise their books on Amazon. Added to that are such items as Kindle readers, adjustable portable workstations, or digital voice recorders.

You Need To Practice Daily

This is essential to develop not just the quality of your work, but the speed of your writing. Beginners could simply try journaling for five minutes a day. It’s an interesting fact that social media posts are a form of online blogging, be it by tweets, or written material on Facebook. 

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Here is a great tip for computer users: It’s beneficial to focus on writing everything down whilst in a creative flow, and editing the work afterward. Anyone who keeps stopping to fix spelling or make a sentence more grammatical will interrupt their flow of inspiration, and make it become a clunky experience. 

Be An Avid Reader

The more books a person fills themself with, the bigger their vocabulary will become. They’ll learn more and more, and be able to write more fluently in the process. Besides buying books and e-books, there’s also library membership to consider. Anyone who purchases a paperback on Amazon will soon receive recommendations of similar ones. Goodreads is a great website to become involved in as well. 

It can be a really good thing if you read similar articles to your own. If you write humor, learn from more successful people what works for them – or what they avoid. If they are technical articles, review the artwork and writing styles used by others. 

Understand Blogging

If someone has their own website they can daily blog using such software as WordPress. Alternatively, they could contribute to host websites. Quora is an example, where people can publish their own work or answer peoples’ questions. 

Medium is a haven for bloggers too. People can publish their own blogs or contribute to online magazines within Medium. Any article that is posted behind the paywall can generate an income if enough people read it. 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about getting your website or articles seen by others. If a person’s blogs contain enough words that people are researching on Google, they may acquire new readers. 

Seek Feedback

It’s not enough that you like the posts you are creating. Gain honest assessments from family, friends, and beyond. They will help you craft your entries, and to know what people like or don’t like. Don’t take it personally if people provide constructive criticism – they are trying to help you. 

It’s also worth joining writing forums. It’s possible to gain valuable feedback from others who are on the same journey as you. 

Research Freelancing

Some people gain such success as bloggers that they end up making a living out of it. Others become freelancers, writing articles for other organizations. There are sites like Upwork where people request specific articles with predetermined word counts. The payment you would receive is also set out in advance. 

Anyone considering being a freelancer should research SEO writing, copywriting, content writing, and proofreading. Technical writers and B2B writers can also earn a good salary. People also make money by sending off short articles or jokes. Readers’ Digest is one company that does this, but there are many more to be found online.


With the onset of the internet and social media, the gatekeepers have been removed. People can become self-published authors, no longer needing the approval of a publishing company. They can become major influencers on Instagram or Youtube without receiving any external help. 

This means the doors of opportunity are wide open to you – you simply need to persevere. If a person constantly develops their writing skills and makes the proper research, they become best placed to become a successful online writer. 

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