What Is A Thermogenic Fat Burner And How Does It Work For Weight Loss?

October 10, 2022

As society becomes more health-conscious, weight loss supplements become more popular. Certain roadblocks (such as lack of time, age, and hormonal issues) can slow us down on our journey towards a healthier weight, but weight loss pills can give us the extra push we need to shed some fat once and for all.

One popular type of weight loss supplement is the thermogenic fat burner. Thermogenic means “to produce heat” and, as a supplement, they help people burn fat by boosting their metabolism. Now, a magic fat burner pill seems too good to be true, but it’s not as simple as burning away the fat on your body. Thermogenic fat burning pills work together with your metabolism to stimulate a naturally occurring process within your body.

When our body needs energy, our metabolism starts converting calories into energy. This metabolic process produces heat in our bodies that creates enough physiological stress to convert those calories. When the energy is created, we can expend it as needed, burning calories as we go. So long as we burn more calories than we consume, we lose weight.

What thermogenic supplements do is stimulate your metabolism, so you have an easier time burning calories. It increases your energy conversion and expenditure, allowing you to burn more calories than you would on your own.

There are many foods and substances that naturally create thermogenesis, such as:

  • Caffeine
  • Garcinia cambogia
  • Whey protein
  • Green tea
  • Eggs
  • Soluble fiber
  • Coconut oil

These ingredients and more can be found in thermogenic fat burner supplements. The ingredients also have the added benefits of being appetite suppressors. However, it’s important that you don’t use thermogenic supplements as pure diet pills. Their main purpose is to aid thermogenesis within your body, not curb your food cravings, which brings us to an important note about how thermogenic supplements can be used effectively.

It’s not enough to simply take the recommended dose of the supplement every day. Weight loss pills can help burn fat, but they their effect is minimal if not accompanied by exercise and healthy eating.

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Exercise gives the thermogenic supplements something to work. Remember, the pills need to work with your metabolism in order to help you burn fat, and there’s no better way to activate your metabolism than by exercising regularly.

Besides helping you get the most out of your workout session, thermogenic fat burners also help you lose weight by preventing your body from absorbing fat. Some thermogenic ingredients, such as the citrus fruit Garcinia cambogia, contain chemicals that block the formation of fat in the body.

So, to recap, thermogenic fat burners help you lose weight by:

  • Boosting your metabolism
  • Suppressing your appetite
  • Preventing the formation of fat in your body

Not every thermogenic supplement has the ingredients to produce all three effects. Different brands have different ingredients, so results may vary. If you want a highly effective thermogenic supplement that is capable of helping you out in all three ways, look for one that promotes all the right ingredients. Of course, for it to be a true fat burner supplement, the primary result must be increased thermogenesis within the body.

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