What Is A Mnemonic Device, And How To Build It?

February 7, 2023

Today, many are wondering how to improve the state of memory. If you are interested in this question, you may have come across such a term as a mnemonic device.

Today we want to talk about what it is and how it can be built without any problems.

What Is Mnemonics, And What Is Its Purpose?

Mnemonics is a set of methods and techniques aimed at facilitating the memorization of information of any kind (numbers, text, facts), as well as increasing the size of the “storage” of memory. The principle is based on associating digital or textual information with a specific memorable image (bright and large) with the connection of logic.

The mnemonic method organizes the contact between the nerve endings in your brain.

This technique facilitates speech development, and symbolic thinking improves visual and auditory memory and helps to navigate space better – remember the names of streets and routes, and memorize a large chain of objects or telephone numbers.

Thus, using a mnemonic device (memory technique), you can improve the quality of memorization and increase its volume. Mastering this method will make your life much easier and make you less likely to use your gadgets as a reminder.

Mnemonics Methods

There are a large number of mnemonic methods, and we want to discuss the most important of them:

  1. Encryption by letters. This method compiles phrases (sentences) using capital letters of the information that needs to be remembered. For example, the well-known phrase “Every hunter wants to know where the pheasant is sitting” is a vivid example of this method for recognizing all the rainbow colors and their sequence.
  2. Associative method. Compare information with a vivid, easy-to-remember image. An association is a figurative contact connecting two objects. Retrieving one embodiment from memory, the necessary information should automatically be recalled. Images need to be used large and bright.
  3. Method of rhymes. In a simple verse, put the essential information for memorization.
  4. Method of consonance. Apply an easy-to-remember consonant phrase to the information.
  5. Method of Cicero (Roman room). The principle is to assign information to memorized items in a standard room. To do this, you need to visualize the main things to which you will “attach” information. After choosing a familiar space, move in only one direction. Thus, a framework is created on which you will “attach” data for memorization. Then assign a word (phrase, sentence, number) to each selected item. As a result, a consistent chain of familiar objects was formed, each carrying the information assigned to it.
  6. Matryoshka technique. It is the principle of combining images into pairs, and each subsequent image must be smaller than the previous one. The first image includes the second. After “attaching” the first with the second – focus on the second, and the first disappears. Only a couple should always participate in the association: the first – the second, the second – the third, and so on.

Practice shows that the easiest way to build a mnemonic device is to use a convenient mobile application, such as memoryOS. This will make training more accessible and enjoyable.

Who Can Apply This Technique?

Many believe that the mnemonic device was created and controlled only by adults. But this is a delusion. Since the principle of this method is based on associations and visualization, it can be mastered in childhood. Because children are best able to imagine, create images and apply association in games and school.

In addition, mnemonics are directly related to fluent reading, which is necessary for adults, children, and adolescents. The ability to quickly read while visualizing is the basis for the speed of absorption of the information read. Using associations, the read text will be remembered better and faster. It also applies to those who study foreign languages or want to improve their education quality at school or a higher educational institution.

If a student, to memorize a paragraph of a textbook, needs to read it several times, then using any of the techniques, it will be enough to read it once.

Each person can choose the most convenient memorization technique or use several at once.

Many psychologists regularly study the principles of our brain, including the ability to remember this or that information. Since the mnemonic is one of the constituent parts of human psychology, it will be improved than conducting experiments. All these techniques described above are confirmed by the facts of many years of research, making them popular worldwide.

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