What Are The Types Of Handles For Ping Pong Paddles?

March 4, 2021

No doubt, the type of ping pong paddle you choose determines your style of grip.

Considering the amount of pressure that ping pong handles endure, choosing the right one is important. Therefore, if the material used is not firm and durable, it may pull-off or break during a match.

Regrettably, most ping pong players, especially beginners, barely consider the types of handles used in manufacturing their ping pong paddles. Don’t forget learning something new everyday is important.

However, in less than 2 minutes, as you keep reading, you will learn all there is to know about the various types of ping pong handles and more. 

Let’s start with the various types of ping pong handles.

Types of Ping Pong Handles 

Although there may be more, the most popular types of handles for table tennis paddles are three. A closer look at how each handle will affect your game will also be considered here.

  • Flared Handle: This handle is a little bit wider towards the end of the ping pong handle. Also, this handle is preferred by forehand dominant players. Flared handles are mostly used by Chinese ping pong players.  
  • Straight Handle: The straight handles don’t have any flared part at the middle of the handle or the end. This handle appears to favor backhand-forehand transition. It is preferred by European ping pong players.
  • Anatomic Handle: This type of ping pong handle has a wave-shaped grip. The middle of the handle is a little bit bigger and the lower part is flared. This type of handle is good for an attacking player.

Other types of ping pong handles are conical handles and Chinese Pen holds, Nonetheless, these types of handles are not as popular as the ones mentioned above. 

Materials Used to Produce Ping Pong Handles

If you are wondering what a ping pong handle is made of, here you go. Also, what makes the difference is the type of material used to produce the handle. Although this may not be the most interesting part of purchasing ping pong paddles, it will be nice you learn about it.

The materials used to producing ping pong handles are: 

  • Wood: Most of the ping pong paddles including the handles are made of wood. In fact, over time, the wood had been the major material used in manufacturing blades and handles. Wooden handles are more durable and tough. 
  • Carbon Fiber: Recently, ping pong blade companies have switched to a more sophisticated material. Although carbon fiber handles are durable, their longevity depends on the quality of the carbon fiber material.

Since carbon fiber handles are good, it appears that wooden handles have made a mark and appear to be more durable.

Factors to Consider before you Choose a Ping Pong Handle

Since you know a little bit about ping pong handles, below are the basic factors to consider before you choose a ping pong handle:

  • Grip: How you hold the paddle will determine the choice of ping pong handle you should go for. A lot of players prefer the shake hand grip. Meanwhile, the penhold is the most popular grip in Asia. Most often top players opt for the flared or straight handle because no matter their style of grip, it makes playing easier.
  • Play Style: Choosing a table tennis paddle is a very personal choice. Every ping pong player has a unique style and swing. Based on that, it is safer to choose a ping pong handle to improve your game. 

The bottom line is to pick a handle that will make you a star ping pong player. The fact that a top ping pong player uses a particular handle and succeeds doesn’t mean it’s the best for you. Nevertheless, you need to learn how to find the best price for your choice of ping pong paddle. 

What Makes the Best Ping Pong Handle?

Without seeming like we are overemphasizing the same point, the best ping pong handle depends on what works for you. Don’t be a copycat. You can try out a few paddles with different handles. If you feel more comfortable with a particular handle, then stick with it. 

Nevertheless, below is the feature of the best handles:

  • Ensure that you get a paddle with a thick handle because it helps you execute correctly the pressure of your shots. Thin handles may not allow you to absorb pressure and quick strikes properly. Make sure it is at least 22.5mm thick on the edge of the paddle.
  • Firm: You need a paddle that allows you to have a firm grip. The ability to hold on firmly will guarantee that the paddle will not fly off while you’re playing.

Finally, the paddle handle doesn’t necessarily affect the prices. The materials used for other parts of the paddle often determine the cost.

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