What Are The Common Uses For A Rugged Computer

November 8, 2020

As tablets and mobile devices become less expensive and more sophisticated, people are increasingly using them for a wide range of applications like data entry, machine monitoring, among others. But, it is another ball game when it comes to industrial settings. Consumer tablets and phones are more likely to fail on durability.

Therefore, many industries have come to rely on other computers to keep their applications running. When a computer normally goes down, some processes or productions may stall. It is vital to have computers you can rely on, and this is where rugged computers come in.

No matter the application, rugged computers will get it done faster and with more efficiency. And, you’ll never have to worry much about the environment they operate in.  

We have highlighted some of the top industries that rugged computers are used to bring more efficiency. Keep reading. 

Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry is perhaps one of the most critical to most economies yet it operates in environments that aren’t most conducive for some technologies. The personnel spend time in oil rigs in faraway lands or oceans. Therefore, they depend on products made to withstand hazardous and rough conditions. And, they need equipment that’s user-friendly. 

Rugged computers allow these personnel to stay connected with their team members even when operating in remote oil rigs, and they conveniently capture and share data securely


Militaries are digitizing most of their operations not just on war fronts but also to streamline most aspects of their operations. Powerful laptops and smartphones provide unique abilities and performance but different settings of the military required devices that can adapt in these tactical environments.

The last thing you need is a fragile device. In fact, it is the military that sets the standards for all kinds of rugged computers. Even the protection rate of the devices is by the military standards, and the rugged computing systems are no exception to this rule. These systems are extremely reliable. Rugged computers are used by the military in operations whose long battery life and dependability make all the difference. 

Public Safety

Street-level public workers have used computers for decades. Police vehicles these days always have mounted computer terminals for more efficient service delivery. Paramedics need to track a patient’s vital data and submit to other relevant hospital departments, securely. Fire departments need pre-planning processes through a secure system and security guards rely on these devices to stay connected.  

Navigating various areas of most industries critical to public safety is made more efficient by rugged computers.


We know what you’re thinking. Yes, truck drivers use rugged monitors on their trucks for check-ins, monitor the truck, navigate the permitted routes, and report. And, the truck company gets to monitor these processes by connecting the terminal and retrieving the relevant data. 

Rugged computers have made the trucking world safer and more productive. The real-time data sharing was a game-changer.


From extreme weather exposure to heavy equipment, construction works contain processes that can be hazardous to personnel and the technology they employ. But, crews that use rugged computers are less exposed to these dangers. Reliable rugged computers have allowed the site manager and the crew to carry out their activities more safely and efficiently

In fact, the newest rugged computers allow them to use the devices in heavy rains or scorching sunlight but with gloved hands. And, you don’t have to skip a beat every time the device slips. These devices can be dropped or exposed to dust, water, and extreme temperatures and they will perform as good as new. 

With rugged computers, recording of project data and transmission is done from the site, and sharing is done securely within the databases. 


This rough and tough outdoor environment requires some “tough” technology hardware as well. Rugged computers allow for flawless communication between dispatchers and other team members. The SOS system helps in tracking the field personnel, GPS navigation, surveying, among other logistical tasks. Rugged devices are essential in the health and safety of our forests.


From mission-critical applications or just to make the job easier, rugged computers are taking the industry by storm. They help in keeping up with innovations, to keep track of livestock, run irrigation, manage inventory among other critical applications.

These are devices every farmer can depend on. 

A device that brings all this stuff to the life of a professional is a valuable asset. With that in mind, make sure to get your rugged computer and let it make your work safer and easier.

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