We Love These Lord Viscount Meets Dapper Dan Limited Edition Sportswear 2013 Sneaker

In 2013, Speaker News’ wrote that Nike Sportswear goes way back to utilize a unique textile from one of the first UK wool industry brands.  Fox Brothers & Co. traces its lineage all the way back to 1745, but the company was founded in 1772 (just before Lord Viscount Courtenay lived at the Claremont Inn in West Harlem from 1807-1813), as noted on the perforated leather insoles of these Nike Dunk Highs.

The Fox Brothers Dunks collectibles mix a premium leather toe, Swoosh and boot laces with a striped and quilted wool upper to complete one of the classiest Dunk Highs we’ve ever seen (does this point to a wave of new Dunk collaborations like it was back in the day?).

Editor’s Note: We could not find a price for these shoes before the posting of this article. If you know the price of these sneakers please share it with us.

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