Ways To Keep Ourselves Safe In The Virtual Gaming World

November 8, 2020

In every family, you will not miss a child or children who like playing video games. Due to technological advancements and their impact on the industry, gaming services are now accessible via mobile devices. Research shows that close to fifty percent of gamers use more than one type of device to play games. A similar percentage plays the games via an online platform as they challenge other players virtually or game to earn real money.

Gaming is a way of killing time and recreational activity. Studies show that games help in the development of kids. It helps them think critically by undertaking challenges and solving the mystery. This read seeks to offer insights into ways to protect children from the internet vices as they play Springbok mobile games.

Risks in Gaming Online

Games are an ancient way that human beings used to socialize and compete with each other. Criminals are taking advantage of online gamers through scams. Apart from those seeking to take advantage of online users, there is also a sharp rise in cyberbullying on these platforms.

As a parent, it is our obligation to talk to our children about online gaming dangers. We need to teach the kids ways that they can be safe when using the internet to game. Lessons on cyber-crimes should start at a young age; soon as the child begins using technological devices. With the right knowledge, they can know what to do when they encounter one or more of the following risks;

Safety of Personal Information

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It is vital to limit the amount of information that you give on online gaming platforms. Most of the entities operating online have a code of keeping user information safe. Ensure you read the terms and conditions when signing up. It helps to know what you agree to.

If you are using public Wi-Fi for your gaming needs, it is vital to invest in a VPN. The software helps protect against access to your personal information. Purchase an anti-virus application because hackers are disguising malware in games. Keep the program up to date since online threats keep changing, and the manufacturer keeps updating its database.

Do not leave your gaming account open when in the cyber or when using another person’s device to the game. By logging out, you ensure that no person can access your account. Making your personal information secure is essential in protecting your money. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Online Bullying

More children are seeking the internet to release pressure and have fun. Due to the difference in online gamers’ personality and character, some people take advantage of the platform to troll other users. Although the anonymity features in online gaming platforms are essential in ensuring users’ safety, others are using it as a tool to harass others.

When playing virtually with other gamers, people can take the deliberate choice of spoiling the game. It may include the user killing the main character or eliminating those with lesser skills early. Messages aimed to hurt another user are regarded as cyberbullying. The vice also includes bad talk on a gamer’s character while on the virtual chat rooms for gamers.

Most of the gaming platforms give you the option of blocking communication from other users. The regulators of online sites do not promote cyberbullying, and it helps to report abusive users to the administrators. Include evidence such as screenshots so that to back up the claim. It is crucial to maintain a cool head when undergoing bullying online. Do not take the words at heart since the person is a stranger to you. It can just be a strategy to get you off your game.


It is advisable to avoid using your real names in the gaming platform and create a username. Make it unique and less likely to sell you out. Criminals on online platforms will always try to get into a conversation with you. Clicking on the chats is highly likely to infect your computer with malware and expose yourself to online theft.

There are many fake and pseudo accounts in online gaming platforms that seek to take advantage of unsuspecting users. Before engaging with another account, it is critical to check the authenticity of the user. Do not give out your personal information to any person through online gaming platforms. Also, have a variation in the names that you use in different sites. Use different passwords and avoid using your primary email to open an account with the site.


Most online gaming platforms will offer you options in free mode or paid subscriptions. It is essential to check the costs and benefits before choosing a plan. The frequency of renewing the subscription is also necessary.

Every day there is a new trick that seeks to take advantage of online users. Avoid giving your card number or a copy to the sites. You might find charges that you cannot explain, especially when you are not the only person using the device. Choose the option of protecting the games from access using a password.


Gaming is a way to spend leisure time and avoid boredom. Since the time of our ancestors, it is a method for people to socialize and have fun. Online gaming is a good way to come together while at home. Siblings will enjoy bonding with each other as they compete. There are many sites to choose from. Settle on the one that offers you a wide array of games to play.

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