Voice Commerce: How Text-To-Speech Is Reshaping The E-Commerce Landscape

February 8, 2024

Online shopping is changing in India because more people use voice commerce.

This advanced technology lets users talk to digital devices using natural language, changing how we shop online. As voice assistants become a normal part of daily life, voice commerce is getting ready to become a popular way for people in India to buy things online.

Text-to-speech tech is changing online shopping, altering how we look at and buy things online. This new way lets users easily talk to devices, asking questions and giving commands without touching anything. Besides making things more convenient, this changing technology makes online shopping easier, faster, and even more fun.

In this post, we’ll look into how voice commerce is redefining the future of online shopping, moving towards a world that focuses more on what consumers want.

What’s voice commerce, and how does it work?

Voice commerce comprises a suite of technologies and systems empowering consumers to search, discover, explore, and make purchases using a blend of their voice and a compatible device—a smartphone, a tablet, or a smart speaker like Google Home or Alexa.

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At its core, vocal recognition technology drives voice commerce. It utilizes a device’s microphone to capture voice commands and respond accordingly. Behind the scenes, the process unfolds as follows:

  • Deconstruction of the voice command into individual sounds.
  • Analysis of each sound, facilitating its digitization into a computer-readable format.
  • Application of an algorithm to match the digitized voice command with the most fitting text representation, i.e., the most probable word fit.
  • Verbalization of the best possible response by the device.

What are the benefits of voice commerce?

Voice commerce is evolving from a unique shopping option into a fundamental necessity, thanks to the numerous advantages it offers consumers globally.

●      Convenience

Convenience is a cornerstone of voice commerce, catering to consumers with precise preferences and those seeking additional details before making decisions. Whether customers have a clear idea or need information on size, price, model, or color, the shopping journey is consistently swift, seamless, and satisfying.

●      Personalisation

Personalization is another key feature, with vocal recognition technology evolving to enhance the shopping experience. This AI-driven engine ensures interactions feel friendly and personalized, steering away from a robotic demeanor.

●      Hands-free Shopping

Hands-free shopping, crucial in regions where device usage while driving is restricted, allows users to purchase without diverting attention from the road. This hands-free approach also accommodates multitasking, enabling consumers to shop while engaged in other activities.

●      Order Tracking

Order tracking becomes effortlessly accessible through voice commands, eliminating the need to search for tracking emails. A simple inquiry like “Where’s my order?” provides a quick and accurate response, streamlining the tracking process for consumers.

Voice commerce extends valuable benefits to brands, including:

●      Expanded Discovery Opportunities

Brands can leverage voice commerce to introduce new products and options to consumers. For instance, a shopper seeking a power bank may discover it’s available in silver or white, while someone ordering flowers for Mother’s Day can receive tailored recommendations.

●      Effortless Re-ordering

Voice commerce facilitates the swift re-ordering of products like contact lenses or household cleaners, enhancing customer loyalty. It streamlines the consumer process and proves advantageous for brands by capitalizing on existing customer relationships.

●      Improved Sales and Customer Experience

The rising adoption of smart displays in households allows brands to align their content with voice experiences. This integration personalizes the shopping experience for consumers, combining voice commands with visual elements, such as watching videos or viewing pictures, enhancing both sales and overall customer satisfaction.

●      Brand Differentiation

In a crowded e-commerce market, distinguishing a brand becomes crucial. Enabling consumers to discover and purchase products through voice commerce is a distinctive and memorable way for brands to stand out. This is particularly pertinent for targeting the 18-34 age group, the most interested demographic and open to utilizing voice commerce.

Final Words

From “namaste” to “nomoshkar,” the future of shopping speaks desi. Millions across India are already whispering grocery lists to their phones in Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, Bhojpuri, and more. What was once considered science fiction is swiftly becoming an everyday reality, powered by the magic of AI voice generators in Indian regional languages.

These digital superheroes are blurring the line between technology and tradition, letting us order chai with a “shukriya” or ask for weather updates in Bhojpuri. Imagine haggling at the bazaar with a robust AI voice generator in Tamil or narrating bedtime stories in the comforting accent of your mother tongue – the possibilities are as vibrant and diverse as India.

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