View Looking West 118th Street At Morningside Drive, West Harlem, NY 1899

Old Harlem meets new Harlem in this rare view of Harlem in transition as this photograph peers between apartments at 419 West 118th Street, in West Harlem, New York, 1899.

The photographer is looking northwest (with Teachers’ College in view) from the south side of West 118th Street between Amsterdam Avenue and Morningside Drive. The 119th Street Gatehouse can be seen between the two buildings, on the left, the one is stone building crafted from stone blocks  and the other on the right is sit a strangely shaped building made of metal painted black with hood that descends to what looks like a funnel like shape.

We think the apartment building on the right side along with those in the background were built earlier in the end of the 19th century.

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