Vape Pen As A Fancy Accessory Your Stylish Outfit, Myth Or Reality?

February 24, 2019

By Christina Mathews

For many people, fashion is some other world, which they try to follow and get in. They keep a close watch on all the novelties in the fashion industry and cannot help missing any fashion shows. Being a kind of compulsive about new trends some people turn to zealots. Having googled something about vapes, you would immediately understand that it is highly prevalent among people of different age, sex, and social status. The popularity of vapes is the topic du jour. The thing is that scientists, especially sociologists and those economists, who do researches within the customers’ needs, are highly interested in statistics about buying and consumption of vapes in all their modifications.

To put it shortly, the reasons for vaping are incredibly different, and we sometimes cannot even imagine what has led people to use e-cigs or pod vapes from Vapingdaily. The bitter truth is that some groups of people make money from this. If we look through the advertising campaigns, we would see the width of the target audience. Some people start using vape pens to get rid of awful yellow shades of teeth and fingers, some – because of health reasons. However, if we talk about teens and young people, they usually vape to be in trend. Many men in their early twenties blow hot air to get the girl they want. The same happens with women. They discuss new best pod vape to show off in front of their prospective boyfriends.

Instagram and other social media also pour oil on flames. Many bloggers, actors and even some politicians post photos or videos with vapes. Some of them do it just for advertising; others do consume vapes in real life. Anyway, they influence their audience and push them to start vaping. It is human nature to try to take over famous people or just those, whom we like. Today the question of e-cigs and the difference between vape flavors are outdated. The new issue is possible modifications of vape mod and the substances you can vaporize.

Trend #1 Nicotine Salt

Nicotine salt vapes are capturing the high share of the market. People are obsessed with the idea of a healthy lifestyle, though they are too dim to quit and say ‘no’ to seductions. They try to combine righteousness and delight. To get nicotine salt from tobacco leaf, manufacturers use no ammonia for separating the nicotine from the other microelements, contained in tobacco leaves. They use no additives or chemicals for getting nicotine. Well-known to the general public company JUUL and some others, like Smok, MLV, Sourin have already started producing some new devices, which were designed primarily for nicotine salts.

Trend #2 The Mod You Can Regulate

For many different reasons, many people aimed at changing the characteristics of their vaping devices almost since the first appearance of vapes on the market. Some vapers wanted to create their best pod vape to get more smoke. The others wanted to regulate the temperature, etc. Therefore, everything started from trying to combine parts of different models to get a more powerful device. From the one side, it gave a push to develop all the variety of modern vapes.

On the other hand, some people were injured while using such devices. Not proper batteries blasted. Many people did get injuries. The positive news here is that nowadays you can use plenty of mod, combining them with your outfit as well. These devices nowadays are not only practical in use and affordable in price, but also can be a complement to the way you look. The new issue is possible modifications of vape mod and the substances you can vaporize. And have you tried the new STLTH vape? Different colors and patterns are available. Models can vary from tiny girlish rosy mod to massive military-patterned pod mod vape.

Trend #3 Vape And Be A ‘Tough Nut’

Still, there exists such a trend as a competitive vaping. The point is that young people have this ‘fuse’ in their hearts. They like to try new things and to prove that impossible may become possible. Today youth is likely to practice new tricks with their vapes than climbing an Everest. People buy tanks with the highest capacity. They mix flavors. They try to produce more vapor than their friends did. This everything is captured on photo or video camera. They use Photoshop or filters for these photos or videos and publish them online.

Such activities give you new popularity and spread among the younger very fast. This also made vaping more popular than smoking. Smoking cigs is not enough to be in fashion anymore. People, who have never been smoking before, star vaping, just to have common interests with more powerful friends. Many social networking sites present vaping as a hobby, not a bad habit (when you fill in personal information).

Trend #4 Vapes On World Fashion Runways

Since about 2016, the idea of incorporation of vapes as stylish accessories to men fashion shows became popular. While presenting some clothes, models can also present vapes. If you google, you will find plenty of photos of a model, holding all kinds (small, big, golden, pink, white) of vape devices in their hands. Vaping devices are made of everything nowadays. In special shops, you may be presented a vape decorated even with precious jewels. Vapes are to correspond to any style, whoever you are. Strict for a police officer or CEO, smart for an office worker, edgy for a fashion girl, etc. – suited to every fancy. Set yourself on the cutting edge of the style with the best pod vape.

Though some people do not agree, both sellers and consumers feel the advantages of the refined design of vape pens, e-cigs, and vape mods. For the first, it is the tool of gaining money. The more possible designs you offer, the more customers you get. For customers, the advantages are quite evident. The first is that the spectrum for price varies from $80 to millions of dollars. The colors and shape of your future device may be either chosen from the models present on the market or planned and designed on your own. Evidently, the price differs in both cases. The third advantage is that you can combine some mods and use them as stylish accessories while going out or on your Instagram pictures. The last, but never least advantage is that you can control the amount of nicotine and other liquids that you vape.

Therefore, being popular without a regular nicotine-containing cigarette is possible, you just have to buy a trendy vape to keep in trend.

About the author Christina Matthews, the journalist who studies the latest news in the health industry. Now she studies the effects of smoking and vaping on health and reasons for such its popularity.

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