Utor Goes Global At Snapchat (update)

utor site screen shotUtor is broadcasting fans’ experiences at live music shows via Snapchat all spring and summer long and drafting avid concert goers around the world to do it.

Formally branded as “DMV’s the Move,” Utor has used the help of Snapchatters worldwide for concert experiences from a fan’s perspective. So far, fan enlistees have captured moments from shows such as Rihanna’s debut tour stop in Miami, Bryson Tiller’s show in London, Majid Jordan’s show in D.C. and Kanye West in the Philippines thus far.

After successfully taking over the live music scene of the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia metropolitan area, Utor rebranded themselves in order to take on the rest of the world.

Live music wasn’t being covered in the way we felt it should be covered — from the view of the fans. We saw Snapchat as a perfect opportunity to execute that,” said Utor CEO Joshua Pollard. “Their day, their emotions, their feelings.”

Utor continues to cover events in the D.C. metropolitan area and post footage from other largely attended concerts across the globe. In past years, the team behind the concert platform has covered popular festivals such as Made in America, Governors Ball Music Festival and Trillectro. The footage has been featured in blogs such as Pitchfork, XXL, and Complex Magazine.

The team is now striving for new heights in concert coverage by documenting the energy of live music through the lens of fans all around the world. Utor will capture moments from upcoming festivals such as Coachella, EDC, The Roots Picnic, and live performances of Beyonce in London and J.Cole in Africa. Snapchat is yet another tool Utor is using  to bring fandemonium and live music instantaneously to music lovers worldwide.

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