Uptown Rep Ydanis Rodriguez Announces Hit & Run Alert System Bill Is Now Law

Today , Saturday, December 16th Council Chair of Committee on Transportation Ydanis Rodriguez, Assemblywoman Carme n De la Rosa , elected officials, and transportation advocates will held a press conference as DJ Jinx Paul Hit-and-Run Alert System, Introduction 1463, becomes law.

“DJ Jinx Paul Hit-and-Run Alert System” named after the death of the popular radio host Jean Paul GuerreroDJ Jinx Paul” from the Spanish radio station La Mega 97.9 FM introduced by Council member Rodriguez became a law today, three days before the first anniversary of DJ Jinx Paul‘s death.

This alert system will send a notification to media organizations, medical facilities, community organizations and NYC residents when any driver leaves the scene of an incident without complying with all of the traffic law.

New York City experiences one fatal hit-and-run crash per week on average. Council member Rodriguez has been an adamant proponent of increasing penalties against hit and run drivers and ending all traffic fatalities on City streets.

“I’m proud to announce that the DJ Jinx Paul Hit-and-Run alert system becomes a law today,” said Council Chair of the Committee on Transportation, Ydanis Rodriguez. “This alert system will provide rapid notification to the public, such as makes and models of cars involved in hit-and-runs resulting in serious physical injuries or death occur. The terrible scourge of hit and runs in our city must end, and this can only happen when drivers know they will be caught and punished.”

Council member Ydanis Rodriguez praised the great work of the NYPD and the Brooklyn DA’s Office that led the driver who killed beloved DJ Jean Paul Guerrero to surrender himself to the NYPD at the Brooklyn DA’s Office.

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