Uptown Elected Rodriguez’s Inwood Plan To Move Forward Preserving And Building Affordable Units

Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez statement, “We are facing many challenges in Northern Manhattan, the most troublesome being the impacts of the Coronavirus.

Our community has been declared a yellow-zone and as a community, we must continue doing our part to keep each other safe. We will continue working alongside local organizations to ensure we are delivering the food, medicine, and services needed to remain healthy and safe.

Today we would also like to share some positive news. We have just heard the recent decision made by the New York Court of Appeals allowing for the Inwood Development plan to move forward. We will preserve and build thousands of affordable apartments and see millions of dollars in investments for our community. As Councilmember for Northern Manhattan, I will continue to work alongside all stakeholders to bring this vision to fruition.

The Inwood plan will bring significant investments to a community that has been neglected for generations. We have secured millions of dollars for our parks, schools, and crumbling infrastructure. I am committed to continuing to work alongside all Northern Manhattan elected and community leaders to ensure that the City honors the millions of dollars in investments that we have secured for our community.”

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