Uptown Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez Issues A Statement On Bollards Bill

Uptowns Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez issued a statement on the eve of Introduction 1658 becoming law. The Local Law will require that the Department of Transportation and the Department of Parks & Recreation report annually on the number of bollards installed in the city and the number of location where they have been installed, and the number of third party authorizations issued.

“My colleagues and I arduously advocated for months after the Times Square car crash for the installation of more bollards throughout the city. We witnessed at that tragic moment the importance of creating a plan and systematically erect bollards in areas with high volumes of pedestrians and cyclists. The cowardly Halloween terrorist attack was a chilling reminder that more and more often vehicles are used a weapons of mass destruction. Since those attacks in Times Square and Lower Manhattan, New Yorkers demanded more safety for pedestrians and cyclists.
Later in 2017, U.S. Senator Kirtsen Gillibrand introduced legislation proposing federal subsidies for municipalities installing bollards and Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a bold $50 million budget for a citywide bollards plan.
Pedestrian safety and Vision Zero will continue to be my priority this session. Introduction 1658 will become law tomorrow on the heels of announcing 2017 as the safest year for traffic fatalities. While we have made great strides in achieving safer streets, we must continue to push for new methods and innovative ways to bring traffic fatalities to zero. I look forward to working with Speaker Corey Johnson, my colleagues and the Administration to continue to make New York City a walkable city.”

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