Uptown Council Member Rodriguez Has Concerns Over Use of Drone Technology by NYPD

Statement by Uptown Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez concerns over the use of drone technology by NYPD: “As the annual NYC New Year’s Eve Times Square celebration approaches, I commend the work of the NYPD and their efforts to keep the City of New York safe every year. However, the use of drone technology to deter criminal activity and monitor safety in Times Square must be conducted in a transparent manner and respect citizens’ rights to privacy. In the past, safety measures have been used to spy on Muslim communities and other communities of color. We must keep visitors and all residents of New York safe, but also stay vigilant against violations of our civil rights. In the upcoming days, I will be introducing legislation that will require the NYPD to submit a full report to the NYC Council on the use of drones for public safety. It’s our responsibility to provide safety but also to protect our private lives.”

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