Uptown Community Democrats Support Nuclear Deal

Harlem uptown deomocratic club1Uptown Community Democrats announces their support for the Nuclear Deal between the United States, China, Russia, United Kingdom, France and Germany, P5+1, with Iran. We ask all of our elected officials to support this deal.

The agreement represents the best of American Foreign policy’s tradition. The deal is an effective, verifiable and durable approach to the threat of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East.

At UCD we believe that what makes America exceptional is our ability to build coalitions that help create a better world.

… today we eliminated the option of Iran obtaining a nuclear bomb for the next 15 years

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“I commend President Obama for leading the international coalition, bringing Iran back to the negotiation table and achieving this agreement. We know Iran will continue to exert a negative influence in the Middle East. But what is clear to me, is that today we eliminated the option of Iran obtaining a nuclear bomb for the next 15 years”, said Manuel Casanova Vice President of Public Affairs for UCD.

Two core elements of the deal are that American Presidents will have the same array of options to deal with Iran as we have today and that the deal is based on verification and not on trusting Iranians in their compliance.

“As the deadline to pass this historical deal draws closer, it is imperative that we coalesce behind our President and support his strong leadership. If nothing else, history has taught us that the road to peace is a complex one, but that should never be deterred by political agendas. Voting in favor of the Iran Peace Deal is one of the most crucial, humane and responsible steps our government can take in protecting future generations in our global society”, said Johanna Garcia, Co-President of UCD.

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The Iran Nuclear Deal is under review by the United States Congress and we expect it to be passed in the next 24 days.

Editor’s Note: Harlem, Uptown, Upper, Northern Manhattan have always been and always will be a world community, and we continue to see ourselves as such, the UCD understands that and have made a decision locally that can affect us globally.

Do you think we should deal with local issues now and discuss global issues later?

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