HW Pick: ‘Up On The Roof’ Takes On A Whole New Meaning At Columbus Circle (Contest)

daunting but demure in harlem style1OK. Harlemites have seen everything. But when The Shops at Columbus Circle shot their new marketing campaign ­— Daringly Demure — they staged a scene on the glass awning that stretches above its main entrance. Every day, some 40,000 people come to this 2.8 million-square-foot landmark to experience one of New York City’s hot spots for shopping and dining, working and living, entertaining and being entertained. That’s about 12 million people a year.

And in a city where you see it all, even Harlemites stopped and stood in awe and admiration for a brave model named Lola, as a crane hoisted her some 20 feet into the air. The mission: to photograph The Shops at Columbus Circle’s new Daringly Demure advertising campaign.

(Mind you, Lola was a little disappointed — she thought she would be heading to the very top of Time Warner Center’s towers, 750 feet in the air.) Once she got settled, Lola sipped a drink from Juice Press at Equinox and dined on a picnic from Bouchon Bakery high in the air. Croissants and macarons, anyone? The backdrop: The Shops at Columbus Circle’s staggeringly beautiful window, made of approximately 432 panes of glass.

And yes, someone had to clean the glass — all of it (but that’s another story).

Daring? Yes.

What about demure? Consider her outfit: a dramatic skirt and towering stilettos, barely-there makeup, her hair pulled back in a simple ponytail. She was loving life, loving herself — and living on the edge, quite literally.

Now here’s the question: How daring are you? Find out if you are daring or demure by taking our Style Profile Quiz (and get a chance to win a $500 shopping spree at Time Warner Center).

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