Up Close with CC Minton: King Tut Exclusive on Fifth Avenue

tutfrontresize1 harlem2By CC Minton

The Discovery of King Tut’s exclusive preview was held at Premiere Experiences, 417 Fifth Avenue, in New York City.  The event took place on Thursday, December 18, 2015.

Excitement was in the air as a host of industry insiders, influencers and press arrived to view the rich history of ancient Egyptians and their contributions in the 20th century.  Guest explored the Tutankhamun’s tomb through a digitally guided tour of over 1,000 reproductions of ancient treasures.

A few words were spoken from an Israeli official about who made and why the reproductions were a special and exquisite exhibit on Fifth Avenue.

tutspeaker-576x1024 harlemPremiere Experiences is offering the Discovery of King Tut and Saturday Night Life (SNL) exhibits over the holiday.


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