Up Close with CC Minton: Jody Watley Hits the Dance Floor at Lincoln Center

By CC Minton
Grammy Award winning artist Jody Watley took front and center stage at Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Nights Swing on Thursday, June 25, 2015.  The evening felt like a “Throwback Thursday” of the 80’s featuring disco, funk and the original and distinctive moves of a dance style known as Waacking.

The vocals of the trend-setting singer brought back fond memories as hundreds danced the night away to an infusion of rhythm and blues and pop culture of the past. Wowing the audience with hits that included “Real Love,” “Don’t You Want Me,” and “I’m Looking for a New Love”, the night was surely one you’d never forget.  The performance could not have been complete without the harmonious vocals of Shalamar; weaving the groups signature sounds of rich harmonies and soulful melodies along with fresh choreography of the 21st century,  “A Night To Remember,” “Take That To The Bank,” and “The Second Time Around” remained hits with the crowd.

Princess Lockeroo, a Waacking Specialist, led an instructional session with party-goers that taught them to strike a pose and hit the beat to the groove of the O’Jays, Stevie Wonder, and Earth Wind and Fire along with other notable artist of the disco era.  A form of freestyle dancing that became highly visible by Soul Train viewers brought Waacking back into the spotlight with a famous Soul Train line on the dance floor.
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