United War Veterans Council’s Recycle Program Cycles Forward

408065_4329751756358_91471132_nThe United War Veterans Council (UWVC) Recycling program reported today that it collected a monthly average of 90 tons of clothing and household goods in 2013, keeping 108,000 tons out of landfills and significantly reducing the burden on the city’s waste collection system, while raising revenue for veterans programs.  UWVC President Vincent McGowan and Debra Menich, director of the UWVC Recycling Program reported the impressive achievement today in testimony before the New York City Council Committee on Sanitation and Solid Waste Management.  UWVC said it could increase its collection, with its greater environmental benefit and greater benefits for veterans – and greatly reducing the cost to the taxpayers of disposing of solid waste.

UWVC offers what it calls “white glove concierge pickup service,” in which residents or building managers can log on to uwvcpickup.org or call

888-821-UWVC (8982) to arrange a convenient pickup for clothing, textiles and household items.  The priority is to re-use or repurpose collected materials.

“We believe that these numbers only scratch the surface of what UWVC recycling can do for our city, and for what the public can do to support our veterans,” said UWVC President Vince McGowan.  “We are already making a significant contribution to helping NYC capture the nearly 200,000 tons of textiles its residents discard each year, and look forward to doing more as our program expands.”

UWVC Recycling picks up gently used clothing and household goods from homes and apartment buildings, providing NYC residents with a convenient, effective way to give to our veterans.  Proceeds are invested in programs that provide a wide range of services to local veterans. With over 40,000 new veterans projected to arrive in New York City over the next decade, UWVC Recycling will play an important role in ensuring that these men and women receive the care and assistance they deserve.

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“We’re committed to making sure that our city is prepared to support our military veterans,” said McGowan.  “Furthermore, we’re pleased to offer the public a way to get involved that also provides benefits to the larger community and to our environment.”

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