Understanding Your Rights As A Car Accident Victim In Harlem And Beyond

June 10, 2024

Getting into a car accident is an immensely traumatic experience, and the aftermath of the accident is only known to those who’ve been part of it.

From the physical harm to the mental pressure and emotional trauma, it’s an unpleasant event that should be avoided. Simply, the toll it takes on your mental and physical health is immeasurable and so the best way to go about the accident is to understand your rights and to act accordingly. Unfortunately, many people don’t have a single clue about what they’re entitled to, what they can take in the form of compensation, how to avoid any possible lawsuits, and what steps to take immediately after the accident. In the text below, we’ll discuss this and more in the hopes it will serve as a comprehensive guide for those already involved in an accident and those who, God forbid, maybe might become involved at some point in the future. You can never be too safe! 

Medical Treatment and Health Care Services 

Of course, this goes without saying but as a victim, the first thing you should do is ask for medical care and proper healthcare services in a real hospital to prevent any further injuries and treat the existing ones. Medical healthcare providers have an oath to treat patients whenever and wherever, so don’t worry about the costs and whether your insurance has expired or not, as you can later on claim compensation for the medical bills as a victim. We’ll discuss that part. Now, another reason why you should seek immediate medical care is also because of the medical report and essential evidence in the case you go after compensation, whether from the person responsible for the accident or your insurance company. Also, whiplash injuries are common because people avoid going to the hospital after an accident just because they feel fine and don’t have any pain immediately after the accident. Now, anything from concussions to internal bleeding to possible whiplash injuries can be prevented if you seek medical treatment as soon as possible. 

Legal Representation 

Now, according to the Constitution, you have the right to remain silent, as anything you say can and will be used against you in court. You also have the right to a lawyer and if you don’t have one, the state will assign you a lawyer as you, as a citizen, have a fundamental right to be represented by a legal expert to avoid any possible lawsuits. In the case of an accident, in the moments following the traumatic event, often people say something in a state of shock, mumbling about the details of the accident while not being completely aware of the circumstances and still under adrenaline. So, seeking legal representation moments after helps you avoid any form of misconduct or any possible lawsuits just because you said something in a state of shock that might be misinterpreted and used against you in court later on, making you the accused instead of the victim. Also, a legal representative helps you navigate the complex landscape of paperwork, laws, and procedures, and an attorney can help you with your insurance and compensation claims as well. This also brings us to the next point on the list. 


As said, a car accident is stressful as it is, and in the aftermath, you usually have to deal with a lot of issues and problems you didn’t sign up for. Nobody does, and these things sometimes just happen but with the right help of an attorney, you can ease the pain by claiming compensation to cover the toll the accident took on your mental and physical health. We always advise you to go for someone local, as they usually have a better understanding and knowledge of local laws. You can search for car accident attorney in Montgomery, AL, or any other place and make contact with professionals with years of experience in terms of compensation claims. Why? Well, the legal procedures can be tricky for someone who has never dealt with them before. And any wrong paper not presented in court can cost you your case and compensation rights. Going for an attorney with years of experience is the safe path to take. And you’ll have a right to almost everything, from medical bills, to lost wages, and if you have car insurance, you will cover all the costs of repairs or maybe you’ll buy a new one. 

You Have the Right to a Fair Investigation 

Of course, as a victim and in the aftermath of the accident, the police and all other government bodies responsible for dealing with what happened know the procedures very well. But you, on the other hand, might be a bit confused and it’s completely natural and normal. One thing to have in mind is the fact that you have the right to a fair investigation. Law enforcement agencies are usually responsible for conducting those investigations to determine the cause and fault. You, as a victim, are naturally expected to cooperate, a thing we advise strongly, but you can make a little investigation of your own. Your investigation can have some details that the law enforcement body may have missed, so your legal representative will facilitate this process.

You Don’t Have to Settle for Anything Less! 

Yes, you can reject any settlement offer that is not what you expected or anything less than what you initially wanted. As a victim, you don’t have to settle for a settlement just because you believe it’s the best deal you’ll ever be offered. In fact, in most cases, during these negotiations, any insurance company or the legal representative of the accused will try to settle for less in an attempt to wager a win for themselves. So, with the help of your legal representative, you can always reject the offer, establish your terms, and ask for more! 

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It’s hard enough to be a victim of such a traumatic event, let alone to deal with the aftermath and everything following it. Keep a cool head, don’t make any rushed decisions, don’t settle for the first offer they give you, and always have a legal representative by your side at any moment. Good luck! 

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