Understanding The Common Factors That Contribute To Truck Accidents

February 28, 2022

Truck accidents can be catastrophic and lead to injuries and fatalities.

Although truck drivers are professionals, certain circumstances make these accidents more likely to occur. Understanding why these accidents take place and where they happen is helpful in understanding how to protect yourself from such an event if you share the road with a large commercial vehicle.

Lack of Experience

Many truck drivers have never driven a car before being hired by a commercial vehicle company. Even those who have may not be accustomed to the speed and intensity of driving in traffic or on highways. Truck accidents often happen in South Carolina, and other places because many individuals don’t know how to maneuver their vehicles properly, such as when you see them changing lanes erratically or speeding up and slowing down rapidly. One of the helpful tips to avoid a truck accident in South Carolina is to always keep your eyes on every vehicle on the road and to give them enough space. This can help prevent accidents when you get into traffic, especially if one of them is attempting to change lanes near you.

Lane Changing

The most common factor that leads to truck accidents is not paying attention to the surrounding vehicles. Drivers of smaller vehicles spend more time on their phones, shaving, applying makeup, and eating than actually watching the road. They are often too preoccupied with these tasks or with their own fatigue to notice when a truck is braking or changing lanes. When you see a truck changing lanes, make sure to give it enough room and time to do so safely and without cutting anyone off.

These accidents often happen in areas where there are many trucks or other large commercial vehicles driving together on the road, such as near ports and warehouses. The resulting crashes can be spectacular and debilitating not only for those in smaller vehicles but also for truck drivers.

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The Size of Trucks And Cars

Trucks are larger than cars and thus require more space to brake or slow down. Even if a truck is traveling below the posted speed limit, it may not be able to stop in time for something in its path. This can lead to rear-end collisions or people trying to outrun a truck and getting into crashes. In order to prevent these kinds of accidents, you should always drive in your car’s blind spot when possible and avoid passing a truck on the right side unless you have a double yellow line. These simple precautions can decrease the likelihood that you will be involved in a collision with a truck.

A truck’s size can also make it difficult for both the driver and other drivers to see around the massive vehicle. It may be more difficult for a truck to yield or pull out of an intersection due to its sheer large size and weight. Similarly, if a truck is parked on the side of the road with any part of its truck bed sticking out into traffic, you may not be able to see it behind a hill or other obstruction. Always slow down and keep your eyes peeled when entering an intersection at which there is a large vehicle nearby.

Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol or Fatigued

Truck drivers are often overworked, overtired, and dealing with heavy machinery that requires constant attention. Truck companies stereotype truck drivers as responsible and professional, but they are people too. They may be rushing to complete delivery before the deadline or trying to get home to their families in time for dinner. This can lead them to drive without due caution, speed, and even take prescription drugs that increase these risks.

Trucks require more attention and focus than a car, and if you’re tired it’s helpful to pull over and take a nap until you feel refreshed and ready to drive again. No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, if you are exhausted or intoxicated your reaction time will be hindered and it is unlikely that you will see the danger until it is too late. Being aware of this likelihood before getting behind the wheel can prepare you and prevent a serious accident or injury.

Always remember that the truck driver didn’t intend to cut you off, change lanes suddenly, or run a stop sign. They are simply trying to get home safely and may not have seen you in their blind spot. For this reason, always leave plenty of room between your car and any large commercial vehicle on the road. If an accident does happen, attempt to take down the other driver’s information and call 911 if any injuries occur. If you are patient and avoid causing any problems or distractions, these drivers can both protect themselves from danger and keep other vehicles on the road safe as well.

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