What Trump’s Victory May Mean For New York And It’s Trickle Down To Harlem

trumpDonald J. Trump will be the seventh president from New York and its first since Franklin Roosevelt.

And his impact on his home state may be profound on policy and politics.

Boost Republican State Senate and Congressional Races

Indeed, Trump’s win boosted Republicans in the New York state Senate and congressional races Tuesday night, and state GOP leaders said Trump will help them in a state where Democrats outnumber them two to one.

“To have the White House on your side with a New Yorker as president is going to be a tremendous help for us,” state GOP chairman Ed Cox said Wednesday morning.

Overhauling Energy and Immigration Policies

Trump has talked about overhauling the nation’s energy and immigration policies, and supporting Second Amendment rights.

Hydraulic Fracturing, Stronger Gun Laws and Limit Rights of Immigrants

In New York, state leaders have taken starkly different stances: Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo banned hydraulic fracturing for natural gas, signed stronger gun-rights laws and sought to expand rights for immigrants.

Weaken Abortion Rights with Pro-Life judges

Democrats have also pushed to strengthen abortion rights in New York, and pro-choice groups feared a Trump presidency will lead to the appointment of pro-life judges.

“Trump’s belief that women who have abortions should face punishment and his promise to appoint anti-choice Supreme Court justices, coupled with Mike Pence’s extreme track record of legislative attacks against women’s health and rights, imperil the health and lives of women in every state,” said Andrea Miller, president of the Pro-Choice New York PAC, in a statement.

All these issues of course will trickle down to Harlemites directly and/or in-directly.

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