Trucks Aren’t Allowed On The Harlem River Drive

NBC reports that an unauthorized tractor-trailer is causing a mess of a Wednesday morning commute on the Harlem River Drive.

The truck mucked up traffic on the southbound side of the road by 135th Street just as the height of the a.m. commute got underway.

Chopper4 was first over the scene and showed the truck sitting on the highway as traffic inches by it. It appears part of the truck grabbed a piece of the guard rail on the on ramp, too, Chopper4 shows.

Crews were seen trying to remove the truck as only the left lane was rolling along.

Tractor-trailers are not authorized to be on the Harlem River Drive.

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Just last month dozens of Long Island high schools were injured when the bus they were riding in smacked an overpass on the Southern State Parkway in Lakeview, ripping the roof completely off.

Commercial vehicles are not allowed on the parkway.

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