Traveling With Music: Awesome Gadgets To Enjoy Playing Music On The Go

November 8, 2021

Most musicians need gadgets to stay organized, but those on tour have a whole new set of gadgets they need.

Whether you’re a drummer with an oversized drum kit or a singer with hours of background vocals to practice, here are some essentials that will make your life easier when traveling.

A Public Address System

Without your own public address system, you might as well not even go on tour. Luckily, there are great portable systems that will ensure you can play great music on the road. It will make every gig more enjoyable if you have one of these.

You need this because there is no way you can carry an amp around without it, and thanks to the power of technology, they are getting better by the day. Know that there are speakers with Bluetooth connectivity that will make your life easier too! If this sounds like what you need on tour then get one today.

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Headphones To Monitor The Sounds

Headphones are the best way to make sure to enjoy your favorite music on the go. In order to be able to monitor what you are playing, getting a couple of headphones is definitely necessary. There are lots of gadgets that can help with this and it would be wise for musicians on tour to buy at least one.

During gigs, headphones will allow you to play your music without any external noise that could interfere. There are gadgets for musicians on the tour that will help with monitoring the sounds, making it easier for them to enjoy playing their favorite songs.

Soft headphones always work best in order not to damage your ears when exposed to loud noises at high volume levels. Also, they can be used during recording sessions so artists would be able to hear all their mistakes and adjust accordingly in order not to produce low-quality recordings. 

Additionally, softphones have better sound isolation which means performers won’t have trouble hearing what is played next or by whom when several instruments are being recorded simultaneously into one microphone channel. It also reduces ear fatigue while working long hours in the studio. 

A Laptop With Lots Of Memory

You’ll also need a laptop with lots of memory. You should shoot for at least 16GB, although 24-32GB is ideal (if you can afford it). You’ll need this to store all the music you want to bring with you on tour. If your laptop doesn’t have enough free space to save everything, don’t worry. Just make sure that whatever device you bring can play FLAC files.

When you buy your laptop, make sure that the memory is upgradeable. This way, even if it doesn’t come with enough at first, you can always upgrade it later.

Instrument Maintenance Equipment

You need to keep your instruments maintained in order to play them on tour. If you don’t, then they’ll start out of tune and won’t sound so great when you’re playing with your band. 

You need to make sure your instruments are healthy and ready to be played. This is one of the many reasons it’s important to have gadgets that are designed specifically for musicians on tour. The gadgets should help you with instrument maintenance so your instruments will stay in tune and work great when you’re out traveling around the world playing music! There are tons of gadgets available, but here are a few top gadgets to consider getting before touring:

  • A Guitar Tuner – this helps keep guitars tuned while they’re being used during performances
  • An Electric tuner – this type gets plugged into an electric guitar or bass and can tell whether strings need to be tightened or loosened depending on how well the device detects notes being played
  • String winders – these get wrapped onto stringed instruments like guitars and violins in order to make tuning much easier
  • A Portable Keyboard – this is great for when you feel like playing the piano while on tour, but don’t want to haul around your big grand piano everywhere 

There are tons of gadgets that can help musicians stay in tune and healthy while they’re touring. This helps keep music sounding sweet even after long periods away from home!

A Power Strip

One of the gadgets you’ll want to get is a power strip that can handle multiple plugs because it will be necessary for your gear to have many outlets. You should also get all-in-one adapters which are available in different sizes depending on how much room you need them to take up when they’re plugged into each other.

Since there may not always be enough electrical sockets in certain locations like hotel rooms or venues, these gadgets allow you to plug in more than one cord at once without having any trouble using too many sockets and eventually tripping over cords stretched across the floor.

Having gadgets on the road is essential for having a successful tour. You should get a portable PA system and headphones to monitor the sounds, as well as a laptop with lots of memory for recordings. Also, you should consider getting some instrument maintenance equipment and a power strip just in case. Good luck on the road!

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