Traveler’s Gift Ideas: Battery Life Support

December 19, 2013

mota-iphone-5-mfi-battery-case-9By Michael Andre Adams

Decisions, decisions…what to buy for me or rather what to buy for you this holiday season… Well, here are some great gift ideas that iPhone and Samsung Galaxy users will LOVE for remaining connected throughout the course of an entire day!

The Miracle Phone Support MUST HAVE Gift

Of the two greatest challenges I’ve heard from iPhone users, cracked glass and battery life top the list!  The 5s has the advantage of a metal back, which most agree lessens the chances of two sided cracked glass. And there are a ton of cases to enclose the iPhone whereby raising the edges so that if and when the phone falls, the raised edges protects the glass, which now appears more durable as well. But the gift that both you and others will love to have comes from companies like Mota.

At $99, Mota’s Extended Battery Case for the iPhone 5 and 5s ($69 for iPhone 4/4s) is simply amazing. It’s sleek, nondescript and charges from a mini USB cable. That means the one 8-pin/usb cable included with your new 5/5s is all you need. The mini USB car charger from your previous phone and all other cables around the house can still be used to charge your iPhone while enclosed in your new Mota extended battery case. You’ll especially appreciate this when pricing additional eight pin cables and adapters at $17.99 and up.

Having the Mota Extended Battery Case means simply press and hold the bottom on the back of the case and watch the battery percentage begin to increase to 100%.  So, simply plug your phone to the charger when you retire for the night and long by morning you’ll have two full phone chargers, which for most negates the need for even a car charger. But even if you do desire to charge in the car, no need to purchase a new 8-pin specific charger since the Mota Extended Batter Case can charge your phone from the same micro USB charger you’ve been using.

Also at $99, Mota’s 12,000 mAh High Capacity Power Bank has the ability to charge a drained iPhone (or practically any item capable of charging from a standard or micro usb port) up to eight additional times. About the same size as an iPhone, the Power Bank plugs into a micro or standard usb cable that plugs into a wall outlet or your computer. Once fully charged, you can stash it into a bag, a suitcase and roll till it’s time to charge. And while this may be more power than you need, Mota offers less powerful power banks from about $40.

Moto’s battery cases and charger products are gift ideas that you can rest assured will be appreciated. And for Samsung Galaxy S4 and S3 users, Mota’s got you covered as well.

Blackberry V iPhone

After a 30-day experience with an android phone by HTC and the iPhone’s initial restriction of service providers (limited to AT&T), I was more convinced than ever that Blackberry was the way, the truth and the light for a self employed guy like me. Despite a weak camera, having a touch screen  and several other great features found on the latest model of Blackberry’s international Bold, I’ve been quite content with the daily use thereof. But a few months back, I got a hold of the new Blackberry Z10. And yet two weeks ago, I became a first time iPhone user, with the new 5s.

In terms of looks and performance, the Z10 has the apparent intent to go toe to toe with the iPhone. The screen on the Z10 is larger than the iPhone. It’s 4G, offers great screen resolution for sharp onscreen images, is touch screen friendly and nearly comparable in every other category including a great camera. Particularly, Blackberry shines in the eyes of the business world when it comes to email management. They’ve perfected the process of receiving and responding to emails, hands down! But in its efforts to reach a new audience, it left out a couple of important conveniences. And at the top of the list is the back button. By removing the “back” key, the challenge of moving from application to application can be tricky. To do so, you have swipe up from the bottom of the screen—a process that is not always as simple as it sounds. And when on the run, trying to swipe can be a nuisance.

Having owned and operated a MacBook Pro and an iPod for the past seven years now, taking the next leap to an iPhone was greeted with an open mind in one eye and a “hmmmmm” in the other. But from the very first minute of operation, the iPhone 5s has been a cinch to operate and does so very similarly to the Z10—or vice versa. Best of all, the iPhone has a home key so that you can always escape any application or hit the home key twice to bring up all open applications. As for the spell check function, you have the option to bypass the correction by touching the corrected word that appears above the word perceived to be misspelled, or hitting the space bar for the corrected word to replace what’s been misspelled. Emails are another story. Unlike Blackberry, which constantly populates emails, the iPhone is “special,” as The Church Lady from Saturday Night Live used to say. If my Mac Mail email program is open on my computer, nothing comes to my iPhone, unlike Blackberry which typically receives emails seconds prior to them being delivered to Mac Mail. That would be my biggest gripe with the iPhone. Meanwhile, I am totally loving Face Time, where I can hold a visual phone conversation with the other party on the line. Passbook perfectly sizes my airline boarding pass so that it scans perfectly, unlike some challenges experienced with my Blackberry Bold.


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