Trailblazing Mirror Digital CEO Sheila Marmon Talks Buying Power Of Cultural Consumers On Cleo TV

Set your alarms, so you don’t want to miss media mogul Sheila Marmon on CLEO SPEAKS during Women’s History Month.

Sheila will be discussing her career journey thus far and the importance of multicultural voices in media.

The groundbreaking CLEO SPEAKS series features some of the most powerful and influential women of color in the country sharing their stories in their own words.

“…multilcultural population is 42% of the USA populatiom …. controlling $4.7 trillion in buying power…”

On Sunday, Sheila will divulge how she made her mark in the media industry and came to found Mirror Digital, an interactive media and advertising company.

‘media shapes how we see one another and provides a platform for us to tell our own stories’

Sheila believes that the ‘media shapes how we see one another and provides a platform for us to tell our own stories’ – it is imperative that the media represent us with true and authentic portrayals.

Mirror Digital strengthens diverse media by creating advertising programs for digital publishers with Fortune 500 companies and their advertising agencies.

Sheila impresses that it is vital for these voices to be heard, it will change the course for generations to come if we get it right now!

To hear more from Sheila Marmon, tune in to CLEO SPEAKS on Sunday 28th March at 9pm/8C.

To learn more about Sheila and Mirror Digital check out the website here –

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