Top Practical Items That Every Senior Needs For A Comfortable Life

August 16, 2021

As we become older, we find that our body doesn’t move in the same way as it did when we were a bit younger.

Daily tasks may take a bit longer, or we may have to do things differently so that we’re not putting strain on ourselves. It may take us a little longer, but we adapt as we go along, and continue living independently. However, some things help us with tasks, so if you’re a senior, or know someone that is, here are some practical items to make their lives more comfortable.

Mobility Scooter 

One of the easiest mobility devices to use to get out and about, a mobility scooter can give seniors with mobility issues their freedom back, at the touch of a button. Unlike an electric wheelchair, a mobility scooter can be used both inside and outside. With a choice of padded and upholstered seats, comfort is guaranteed, according to Mobility Paradise, the type of mobility scooter will depend on the needs of the seniors who’ll be using it. For instance, if they’re short on space, perhaps a folding one would be a serious contender. If they’re after something with top stability, then they may prefer a 4-wheeler over a 3-wheeler. You’ll also need to consider how it’ll be typically used, the safety features required, and how fast you want it to go.

Electric Wheelchair

This brilliant mobility device is a lifesaver for anyone unable to walk about, whether for prolonged periods or at all. It’s a wheelchair that’s controlled by a joystick by the person sitting in it. They can be used over more terrains than manual wheelchairs, and are more user-friendly. It can also help a user retain their independence, as they don’t need anyone to push them if they decide to go out.

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Similar to a mobility scooter, the main differences are that an electric wheelchair uses a joystick to move, and so you only need one hand to use it. They are smaller than scooters and are designed for short distances, mainly inside.

Bedside Commode

We all hate being caught short when we need to go to the toilet. For many of us, it’s not as easy as getting up and going to use the toilet. It can take the time or even assistance. This generally isn’t a problem during the day, and some may have night-time assistance to help during those late-night trips to the loo. However, not everyone has this, which is where a bedside commode could help.

A bedside commode is a toilet without any plumbing. This means it needs emptying and cleaning in the morning, for obvious hygiene reasons. But it’s a great way for a senior to remain independent, or good for children or someone with mobility issues. It’s a safe solution for anyone unable to get to a toilet at night, as it will avoid any accidents, like slipping, from occurring. It could also prevent someone from needing adult diapers at night, too.

Hip-High Chairs

This type of chair is ideal for the senior whose body is stiff, or their bones are brittle, and thus makes bending down to sit in low chairs, like a sofa, difficult. Medically-grade designed, hip-high chairs are higher than usual chairs, so that seniors, and those who’ve had an operation or are injured, don’t need to flex their hip muscles. This handy item will save them the usual, regular pain they may experience when having to sit on a seat that’s too low for them.

If you consider the number of times we do sit down in the day, having a hip-high chair will reduce the stress and pressure on joints when sitting, trying to sit down or get up, provide more comfort when sitting down, and is generally safer to those with brittle bones.

Geri Chair

Geriatric chairs, or Geri chairs, are large padded chairs with wheeled bases, which are designed to assist seniors with limited mobility. In comparison to travel chairs, a Geri chair is roomier and comfortable for seniors to lounge in. They are often reclinable and cushioned for comfort. Perhaps the best way to describe a Geri chair is to say it’s similar to a recliner seat, but it’s made for seniors, and patients as well.

As they are medical grade seats, designed with patients in mind, you know that the senior you get one for will be able to comfortably sit whilst obtaining the muscular support they need. Furthermore, whoever sits in a Geri chair can change positions in it, without much difficulty, even for long periods. As these chairs have wheels, there is no need for the senior to remain in one room all day. You may even be able to take them outside for a spot of fresh air, which will work wonders for their morale.

These items may be of use to yourself or someone you know, and if so, why not surprise them with a gift that they’ll appreciate and use daily? You’ll feel reassured knowing they’re not unnecessarily exerting themselves when it could cause them harm, and they’ll feel secure knowing they won’t need to push themselves beyond their comfort zone.

Of course, there may come a time when we need help, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But maintaining our independence whilst we can is an important part of who we are, as individuals, and these items may just allow us to do these things for ourselves, just for that bit longer.

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