Top NFT Certifications & Courses For Professionals In 2023

August 2, 2023

The global NFT market is experiencing significant growth due to its unique functionalities.

It offers non-interchangeable digital assets with individual value and ownership representation. NFTs find applications in gaming, unlocking features, and seamless asset movement across platforms.

Companies and investors are particularly looking for certified NFTs experts for their potential in the metaverse. Therefore, this necessitates pursuing a Top NFT Certification to explore various career prospects in this dynamic field. The following posts cover the top five certifications in NFT in 2023.

5 best NFT Certifications & Courses in 2023

The most popular trend in the world of cryptocurrencies is non-fungible tokens. The best place to start learning about NFTs and the Ethereum blockchain is with the NFT course. The following are the 5 top NFT certifications in 2023:

1. Certified NFT Professional (CNFTP) Certification by 101 Blockchains

The Certified NFT Professional certification or CNFTP certification by 101 Blockchains is a comprehensive guide to NFTs. It is the best NFT Certification for Professionalsto learn about basics, use cases, benefits, and challenges associated with NFTs.

CNFTP certification is for aspiring NFT professionals who want to learn the practical skills of NFTs. 101 Blockchains also offers NFT certification free for candidates to learn about the NFT fundamentals and the Ethereum blockchain within 3 hours. Moreover, you can learn from top industry experts about the best practices of buying, selling, and trading NFTs.

2. NFT Art: Make and Mint Your First Digital Asset by Skillshare

The NFT Art Masterclass on Skillshare is one of the top NFT Certification programs that delve into the fundamental concepts of NFTs. Consequently, you can discover what NFTs are, how they gain value, and how to maximize profit using them.

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It’s an insightful course for anyone interested in understanding and utilizing the potential of NFTs in the art world. Further, you can learn about the history of NFTs and take advantage of developing your own NFTs. This is one of the NFT certificates that help you learn about the strategies for navigating the NFT marketplaces successfully.

3. NFT fundamentals (Buy, Create and Sell NFTs) by Udemy

NFT fundamentals by Udemy is placed fourth in the top NFT Certification programs since it offers fundamentals-level training. To start your career as a certified NFT expert, you need to learn the key elements of NFTs. Moreover, you can learn more about transforming a physical asset into digital work.

Udemy offers a learning resource for anyone who wants to understand the key concepts and vocabulary of NFTs. Moreover, you can start learning about buying, selling, or creating NFTs. You can begin from the basics of NFT, working in a simple and structured way.

4. Certified NFT Expert by Blockchain Council

The certified NFT Expert by Blockchain Council is a comprehensive NFT Certification program that covers all aspects of Non-Fungible Assets on the Ethereum Blockchain. Further, it aims to make NFT concepts accessible to individuals with limited or no prior knowledge of Blockchain technology.

Moreover, you can gain a strong foundation in the Blockchain domain. The Blockchain Council Certified NFT expert certification provides a significant advantage and a head start for anyone interested in understanding and working with NFTs on Ethereum-based platforms. 

5. Master NFTs in 7 Days Course – NAS Academy

The Master NFTs in 7 Days is a comprehensive and beginner-friendly masterclass covering all NFTs aspects. You can easily understand the minting, creating, and trading of NFTs. In addition, this course focuses on the best NFT investment strategies to minimize risks.

This seven-day course starts with basic NFT concepts and gradually progresses to strategies for purchasing the right NFTs. Besides other NFT certificates, this course offers guidance to empower candidates to master NFTs efficiently. Further, it is an active platform to stay up-to-date with trends.


People looking for the best NFT training and certification would undoubtedly ask for career opportunities. With a reliable certification course, you can have a higher chance of becoming an NFT-certified expert. You can choose NFT certification freeor Certified NFT Professional Certification from 101 Blockchains.

The platform offers flexible training, professional instructors, and responsive support mechanisms. You can start learning the NFT fundamentals, use cases, benefits, and many more. Start learning more about the details of the NFT certification training course on 101 Blockchains and become a successful certified NFT expert.

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