Top Cop Comes To Harlem Church To Tout A Union Of NYPD And Community

The NY Daily News reports that the city’s top cop continued a community outreach campaign Wednesday in an appearance at Riverside Church in Morningside Heights.

Police Commissioner James O’Neill and other NYPD bigwigs met with residents and clergy members at the church to talk about neighborhood policing.

On Tuesday, O’Neill announced the start of quarterly public meetings led by Neighborhood Coordination Officers in their sectors in 43 precincts across the city.

“This is a culture change in the NYPD,” O’Neill said. “This is how we’re gonna continue to make this city safer — by working with the community, working with all of our law enforcement officers.”

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“It’s about respect and trust,” O’Neill said. “We have to make sure that, as leaders of the NYPD, that we respect and trust our police officers.”

O’Neill said the aim is to eventually hold the sector meetings in all the city’s 77 precincts and housing PSAs, but acknowledged it will take time.

“There’s a tremendous amount of training that we had to give them to make sure … that they have great listening skills and great problem-solving skills,” he said.

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