Top 28 Real Estate Marketing Ideas

August 24, 2020

In today’s digital era, there are a number of ways to market the real estate business. Looking at the potential of digital marketing, realtors have leveraged the medium to gain traction and stay ahead of the competition. Social media like YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram marketing has also made a deep impact on getting brand recognition and selling products. If you are a realtor or someone who is likely to start a real estate business, here is a list of top 20 ideas to boost your business.

1.Start With A Professional Website

Creating websites for business engagements and handling is not a new thing. Everybody is using it in some way or the other. The main differentiator is how professionally you can design, manage, and handle it. While building your site, focus on speed and quality of content as these two things matter the most in SEO and site ranking on Google. Try to keep it clean and mention only relevant details. Along with that, keep it updating regularly.

2. Use Virtual Reality To Your Advantage 

Information about the property plays an important role in decision making. With the use of 3D cameras, you can give a 360-degree virtual tour of the whole property to the potential buyer. Whether you are a simple property owner or a seasoned realtor, this innovative idea can provide your business with an edge over your competitors.

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3. Post High-Quality Images

When it comes to real estate marketing, images play a vital role. As a realtor or house owner, you might not feel it as important, but images are what viewers will see for the first time while they visit your social media or website. Use professional images shot with a wide-angle lens and edited smartly to demonstrate your property’s USP.

4. Leverage Video Walkthroughs

Along with VRs, video walkthroughs present a better picture of how your property looks and feels like in reality. Walkthroughs don’t need to be shot professionally, as it gives a feel of being doctored. You can shoot it on your own using a smartphone with good cameras. There are a number of free online tools that you can use for editing those videos and can even put voice overs in it.

5. Do Blog Posts Regularly

Blogs play a pivotal role in building brand recognition and audience over time. Be consistent in your blog posting. Plan a monthly or quarter-yearly calendar of your blog postings and follow it strictly. You can also opt for guest bloggers to write for your blog. It will not only drive traffic to your site but also better the SEO score. You can compare prices, give details of loans and other offerings through your blogs.

6. Harness Content Marketing

There are a number of sites that can generate leads for your website. Market your content on all such sites. These include business listings sites, blogs, and so on. Try to create meaningful and engaging content on those external sites that link back on your website to drive traffic. Sites like Quora, Medium, LinkedIn, and many others can help you in building a strong audience base.

7. Use Analytics to Gain Insights

Unlike offline marketing, online campaigning provides insights that you can track and measure. Google Analytics is one of the sites that provides real-time insights related to site performance, visitors, SEO, and much more. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter also have these analytics services, but you will need to make a business account on these sites.

8. Implement PPC Advertising

Pay-per-click ads are a way to drive a huge amount of traffic to your website. However, these are a hasty budget way of getting viewers. It means that you are paying for your visitors to visit your site. In this case, analytics becomes extremely important as it will make you aware of how much of this spending is actually generating leads or sales.

9. Expand Your Social Presence

Every social media caters to a different set of audience base. It is utmost necessary to plan your social posts and presence accordingly. While Instagram is wildly-popular among youth, LinkedIn has a huge number of professionals and customers that can actually be a shopper. Similarly, various sites have varied appeal to it. Every social platform has its own language and hashtags, use them smartly and be active to leverage any window of opportunity to promote your brand.

10. Reach Out to Social Media Influencers

Social sites have their own celebrities with a huge amount of followers, and as a realtor, you can reach out to those for promoting your business. For a realtor, influencers in the luxury segment are the ones to reach out to. The most important task, in this case, is to search for the right influencer for the right platform to collaborate with. A proper thought-out picking of influencers can take your business to a million of people in no time.

11. Build a Package of Offers

No one can say no to a deal with extra goodies. Once leads are generated, the next important task is to make the potential customer a compelling offer that lures him/her to opt for the product. A package of discounts or stuff like free parking space with a 120sq feet plot, or get fully furnished apartments if you buy in the next 2-days, or something like that will insist the shopper to rethink their decision before leaving your site. And that’s what is vital in marketing, i.e. to make viewers rethink your proposal before rejecting.

12. Create a System for Referrals

There is a limitation to what the technology can do. Besides all these advancements, there is still no better way to supercharge your real estate marketing strategy than using referrals to build your brand. However, you don’t need to plan anything extra for it. Requests for referrals can be integrated with your email signature or on social posts or on videos, and so on. It is always important to be passive in asking for referrals. It is one of the most important ways of making a reliable and strong clientele.

13. Capitalize Internet Memes

Psychology states that laughter helps to establish a deeper connection. Memes are a funnier and lighter way to connect with your audience, especially on social sites.

14. Add Details in Your Posts

Adding value to the audience is an important part of social campaigning. Use graphs, guides, and maps to inform and add value to their time on your social media or site.

15. Send Handwritten Notes

Being unique is what matters the most in marketing. Sending handwritten notes in e-mails or newsletters will make your viewer and shoppers feel special.

16. Design Unique Business Cards

With the digitization of businesses, the business cards have also gone digital. There are a number of online sites where you can design your business card. An eye-catching business card will make your clients remember you long after the conversation ends.

17. Post Tips and Ideas for Home Buyer on Reddit

Buying a home is a big decision for anyone, and people need genuine advice. Do some peculiar and quality posts on Reddit and similar sites, as people search for suggestions on these sites.

18. Answer Queries on Your Blog

People have a lot of doubts while buying an apartment. It is quite possible that they won’t reach out to a realtor initially and instead use Google. Make a list of such questions and post answers to those on your blog. You will get a number of these questions on Google itself.

19. Provide Complimentary Packing and Moving 

Invest in any truck with your branding on it and provide free shipping services to your clients after they buy any property from you. It will act as both a branding opportunity for you and some extra bites for the shopper.

20. Ease Out the Ways to Contact You 

Always add your contact info on every page of your site and also on social sites. Design a compelling contact us page and link it to other pages.

21. Engage in Your Locality

It is most probable that people around you or your business address will reach out more frequently. In order to capture their attention, be active in local events and sponsor some of them.

22. Go Mobile 

A large number of people surf the internet using mobile devices. Building your own mobile app will open a big window of opportunity for your real estate business.

23. Use Storytelling to Connect Better

Stories have bounded humans together for centuries, and it’s in our genes to get attracted by emotion and storytelling. Leverage this aspect of a human’s subconscious mind to design your digital campaigns. 

24. Ask For Testimonials

There is no other tool as effective as people endorsing your business when it comes to trust-building. Reach out to your previous customers and ask them for testimonials. It will be better if they agree to share images of themselves.

25. Partner With Local Businesses

Forging relations with local businesses are a good source for expanding your real estate business. You can get referrals along and also brand your business on their products with a small amount of investment. 

26. Stay in Touch With Your Buyers

Send anniversary cards or birthday presents to your past buyers to develop a strong bond with them. It will remind them of you whenever any of their family or friends discuss with them about buying a new house.

27. Print Accessories With Your Branding

Print custom accessories like mugs, t-shirts, key chains, or pens with your name on it and pass it on to your clients or in local events for better market recognition. 

  1. Provide Expense Information 

Buying property is heavy on the pocket, and people need a lot of planning. Provide the optimum amount of information related to finance and calculators to calculate their expenses, on your website. 


Along with the above-mentioned ideas, you can also go for giveaways on social sites or websites to lure buyers in. With these tips, you can successfully run and manage your real estate campaigning. Lastly, while making online marketing strategies don’t be blunt and repetitive; always keep evolving and be creative.   

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