Tips On How To Find The Right Dispensaries For You

September 20, 2021

Finding the right dispensary for you can be a fun and exciting experience.

You can really find some great deals on all different types of marijuana products, as well as advice from knowledgeable budtenders. Here are five tips to help find the right dispensaries for you.

Before You Go, Do Your Research

Before you head down to a dispensary, look around online and read reviews from other customers. This can give you an idea of what products they carry and how much these products cost. If there are specific strains that sound interesting or exciting, take note of the dispensary’s location and availability. Also, you should know what ailments the strain can cure so that you can ask for help picking out a certain kind of product. 

Make Sure You Are Well Informed And Know What You Need

It is important to be well informed about the products before you go into a dispensary. You should be able to answer questions such as: do you prefer smoking or vaping? Are there certain types of edibles that will help with your ailments? Keep in mind that different states allow for different laws and regulations. For example, in Washington, there is a 1 ounce limit on the amount of cannabis you can purchase.

Look For Quality Over Quantity

While there are plenty of dispensaries out there, not all of them offer the same products or services. Look for a dispensary that has high-quality products that really work, instead of just trying to give you every product under the sun. Sometimes it can be overwhelming when a dispensary tries to sell you everything they have in the store. Though many dispensaries exist, not all have the same products or services. Look for one with high-quality items that really work instead of trying to give you every product the sun. A good dispensary will allow you to take advantage of their knowledge about these products and make recommendations based on your situation. You should feel comfortable asking questions without feeling pressured into buying something you don’t need or want.

Try Different Dispensaries

If you’re still unsure after checking online reviews and looking at prices, try visiting three different dispensaries within driving distance from where you live. This will allow you to compare prices and products, so you can find what is most appealing.

Make Sure It’s Worth Your While 

Luckily, many dispensaries offer coupons and specials! For example, some dispensaries will offer an eighth (1/8) for $20 if you renew or join their membership program. If you find a dispensary that has coupons or deals, check to see which products they offer and if there is something else you could get for the same price.

Find Out What Types Of Payment They Take

Before going to a dispensary, it is important to know if they accept cash only, have an ATM on-site, or if they take other forms of payment like credit cards. Some dispensaries may only accept cash, so it might be best to plan accordingly and bring enough cash with you. You should also know that it is illegal for any dispensary to sell cannabis near schools, public parks, churches/synagogues, airports, federal properties (including universities), and correctional facilities.

Giving Good Customer Service Is Key

Not only should you find out what types of products and deals they offer, but also ask if the employees at the dispensary speak English and if they are knowledgeable about their products. If it seems like there is something wrong with a certain product, talk to an employee and see if they can replace it. If you have any questions about a product, an employee with being able to help you out and answer your specific questions.

Relax And Enjoy The Experience Of Finding New Products

It is nice to go into a dispensary knowing the right things to ask for and what types of deals will be offered. Some dispensaries may have a huge variety of flowers, concentrates, edibles, topicals, and more. It can be overwhelming to walk in and not know what is being offered. Having good knowledge about the products will help your budtender recommend cannabis that will work best for you! A good place to get great reviews is to equip yourself with additional information about everything you will need to know. If you do your research and follow these simple steps, finding the right dispensary should be a breeze.

Bring A friend Who Has Been To Dispensaries Before For Guidance

Don’t have any friends that have been to dispensaries before? No problem! You can Google things like “cannabis dispensary near me” or even look up menus online. Find a dispensary where the product selection and prices seem promising, but still feel unsure of what is being offered? Bring along a friend who knows more about cannabis products. They will be able to help you figure out if it’s worth your while and if there is something they would recommend (and vice versa). 

Don’t Get Caught Up In The “Party Scene”

Not every dispensary is located next to a party. However, just like any business, some dispensaries will host events and parties where cannabis products are shared/sold. If you’re not sure if this type of event is for you, see what they offer on their website or call them beforehand. Many dispensaries have daily specials and may be able to accommodate your needs based on the location of their store. 

Before going into a dispensary, it is important to do your research online! Look up reviews about certain stores. Then when you go into a store, listen to what your budtender has to say. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions and get recommendations based on your needs. If you like their service or like the products they recommend, take their advice and see what else they suggest! Even if you think one product might work for you but aren’t sure, it can’t hurt to try another! And don’t forget to listen to what they have to say, it may be able to lead you towards your perfect cannabis product!

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