Tips For Designing The Perfect Home Theater

June 30, 2021

Having a home theater is the dream. If you have one in your home, you’ve officially made it!

However, designing the perfect home theater isn’t easy. You need to create the perfect space to enjoy a film in the way it was intended. That means the perfect lighting, furniture, and accessories. This guide is full of tips for designing the perfect home theater.

Choose a dedicated space

When you’re watching a film, you need to minimize distractions. The perfect home theater can’t be in a room that you walk through to access the kitchen, for example. It needs a dedicated space (like a basement room). Choosing the perfect space for your home theater is the first step.

Control the ambient light

Many people choose a basement room for their home theater for one main reason – no ambient light can enter the room. However, if you don’t have the luxury of a basement room, you just need to control the ambient light. Install blackout curtains over any windows and ensure that the door doesn’t have any gaps.

Control the ambient sound

You also need to stop any ambient sound from entering the home theater. Even the slightest noise pollution can ruin the effect of a gripping horror film. Before you install the home theater equipment, it could be worth soundproofing the room. This will be an additional cost, but it’s worth it to create the perfect space.

Build a proper A/V component rack

Home theaters require a lot of equipment. You will need to install a lot of A/V (audio/visual) equipment to get it up and running. Instead of having all of this equipment taking up space underneath the screen, you should keep it in a rack. This will give the room a tidier feel. It’s worth remembering that the A/V rack will need to be properly ventilated as well. Otherwise, the equipment could overheat.

Plan for proper viewing and seating

When you are designing the layout of your home theater, you need to consider how easily people can view the screen. No one should be craning their necks to see. Some people opt for separate theater seats, all facing the screen. Others opt for a large horseshoe-shaped sofa. Both of these options work, just make sure you think about theater seating before you buy the furniture.

Keep your home theater simple

It might be tempting to buy all of the accessories that go with a home theater – popcorn machine, drinks fridge, jukebox, etc. But these can actually take away from the experience. Your home theater should be simple, comfortable, and designed purely for the enjoyment of watching a film. Keep it simple and you won’t have any distractions.

Use dark paint for walls and ceilings

One of the most important tips for designing your home theater is to use dark paint for the walls and ceiling. This stops any glare from the screen bouncing off the surfaces and into your eyes. It’s a small tip but it makes all of the difference.

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