Time To Play Classic NDS Games On Modern Computers!

August 17, 2020

Don’t believe those who say that those console games are relics of the past. Classic games are something that can survive the measure of time and retain their value in the face of temporary oblivion and emergence of new titles. Today, we’re going to look at the Nintendo DS handheld video game console that took over the handheld market fifteen years ago and recall why we liked the NDS games so much. But more importantly, you’ll learn how to play Nintendo DS games on modern computers and portable devices. We’ll tell you about the best NDS ROMs and emulators, the tools that can pave for you the path towards exciting and fun retro gaming.

A Few Words about the NDS

The Nintendo DS, or simply DS, is a 32-bit dual-screen handheld console developed and released by Nintendo worldwide throughout the years of 2004 and 2005. The DS introduced distinctive new features for handheld gaming like LCD screens, ability to play games over Wi-Fi, innovative design, and built-in microphone, and backward compatibility with Game Boy Advance cartridges. It comes as no surprise that NDS received numerous accolades from both loyal Nintendo fans and authoritative game critics back in the day. But what’s also worth being celebrated is the library of fresh and devastatingly fun titles that you no doubt want to play now.

Where to Get the NDS ROMs

Irretrievably enamored of the Nintendo DS games? Can’t imagine spending the day without Super Mario, Mamoru Endou, Nintendogs, and Pokémon? Well, it seems you’re desperate for high quality NDS ROMs. For those of you who’s don’t know, a ROM game is essentially a file or the image containing the data copied from the original game cartridge. If put into the dedicated emulator, this ROM can be played on your PC or smartphone.

Nowadays, you can find almost any Nintendo DS game in the form of a ROM on the Internet. There are tons of retro gaming websites that have vast collection of classic games, including your favorite DS ROMs. But this doesn’t mean that you can rely on some random website for nice NDS games. You need to make sure that you download a truly safe product that won’t hurt your device or leave you bitterly disappointed at the very beginning of your retro gaming quest. We highly recommend that you take a look at such dedicated classic gaming websites as Romshub and Roms-download.com. You can get virtually any DS game from them without fearing any legal persecution or installing malware.

The Best NDS ROMs

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What NDS games deserve being added to the list of the best games? It’s hard to say for sure. Many would argue that each and every title that has ever been released on the Nintendo DS is peculiar and worthwhile in its own way. And we actually are of the same opinion. That being said, there are some DS titles that are more popular than their other counterparts. Below are some NDS ROMs that are the most sought-after among a good many fans of NDS retro gaming. You can pick any and download it from the web resources mentioned earlier in the article. Let’s dive into it!

WarioWare: Touched!

It’s just the excellent game to relax and have some fun. No need to devise intricate plans, come up with sophisticated strategies and tactics to progress through the game and level up. WarioWare: Touched doesn’t take itself seriously. You’ll have just a couple of seconds to figure out what to do to complete a series of micro games, whether it’s chiseling a statue, helping a swimmer to cross the finish line, or moving clock hands around.

Tetris DS

If you still think that Tetris is a no brainer? Try out Tetris DS. Not only is it fun and good for developing you mental capacities, it’s also a great opportunity to meet with iconic intend characters like Mario, Samus, or Duck Hunt dog which were originally featured on the bottom touch screen of the Nintendo DS console. You won’t definitely regret playing this ROM!

GTA: Chinatown Wars

Chinatown War is the only GTA game playable on the NDS. And it has everything the GTA series is famed for. Cause mayhem, start stealing cars and running over pedestrian to complete the game’s objectives.

New Super Mario Bros.

New Super Mario Bros. for the DS is another mega successful platformer published by Nintendo. It should be noted that it’s the first side-scrolling installment in the Mario series. And you can enjoy it to the fullest on your modern device now! You can opt to play Mario or Luigi solo story mode, or try the minigame mode, which allows up to four players to participate in it. You’ll need to fight again the insidious Bowser Jr. to save Princess Peach. There are many new power-up at your disposal. Use them to complete your noble mission with flying colors!

Mario Kart DS

It would be criminal not to mention the famous Mario Kart on our list of the best DS ROMs. It’s one of the most solid entries in the Mario series that boast jaw-dropping graphics, cool sound effects, and exciting gameplay. And the track selection is just epic. Not to mention the fact that it came bundled with a bunch of amazing retro tracks from the SNES, N64, Game Boy, and GameCube.

The Best Emulators to Use

And now it’s time to check out the best emulators that can help you play any of the aforementioned handheld games.


  • DeSmuMe
  • DSemu
  • IDeaS
  • No$GBA


  • BGB
  • No$GBA
  • NeonDS
  • DeSmuMe

Mac OS

  • DeSmuMe
  • X432R
  • GBE+


  • Drastic DS
  • EmuBox
  • nds4droid


  • nds4ios
  • iNDS

Don’t waste your time! With the NDS ROMs and your emulator you can hop on the next ferry that will take you to the fascinating world of retro gaming!

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